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Anything less is unacceptable. What else could there be? True to ourselves, true to others, true to our country. Honor. This latin phrase is well-known to our culture, although it is not our native language. It’s a phrase that speaks volumes.

Semper Fidelis, always faithful = honesty, integrity, decency, morality…all the qualities and high standards that this world could stand to see more of.

This Marine Corps slogan is a point of reference to excellence, loyalty and committment. We should all live it and breathe it. Dogs certainly do! They practice unconditional love, and are the epitome of all these things. Be kind and love animals!

God bless our US Marines, all our US Troops, all those who have served and died for our country, and those who continue to suffer, as their war lives on inside. God bless us all, and GOD BLESS THE USA! A special “Thank You” to my Vietnam War Veteran friend, Earl, and my son Nathan who served in both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. We must keep them in our prayers

Always faithful love to you!