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Who uses this word? Who knows this word? This word should be printed on t-shirts, and posted on billboards. We should use it in our daily conversations at least once a day. Most of all, we should start practicing altruism. Instead of desensitizing ourselves with all the garbage on tv, radio, big screen, etc., let’s start becoming sensitized to helping others and making the world a better and nicer place.

Look at what just happened in Aurora, Colorado. Could things get worse, really? We think not, but they do. We’ll ask that same question when the next horrible tragedy strikes…”could things get worse?” The search for “why?” these horrific crimes take place should not be a search; isn’t the answer right in front of us? I mean, c’mon, just look at all the crime stories on TV week after week that put ideas into people’s heads, as well as the action packed big screen movies that do the same. Is it any wonder? It may just be me, but the way I see it, children do not respect their own parents these days, let alone themselves; so, how are they going to respect others, including authority figures? How can they have regard for anyone, when they don’t even have regard for themselves? Maybe the fear that was put into parent’s minds not to discipline their children because of what others might think, do or say, caused more damage than good??? What about all that advice to ‘talk’ to your children instead of ‘punish’ them? Do you think it was the right thing to do?

I say…out with the negative and in with the positive!

A lot of meanness is going on and rarely do we hear about acts of kindness. Lee and I began this year with a resolution to help others. We felt that despite our own needs in today’s world, there must be something we can do for others. Unless you’re a child, or a very selfish adult, most people enjoy giving more than they do receiving; why do you think that is? Because giving is an act of love and concern and it makes us feel good. We have been spending time at the nursing home and have met many beautiful people there. It’s sad, but happy at the same time.

Altruism makes me feel something that very few things in this life do, and that is happiness inside and out. Giving my time to those in need, those who are lonely and sick, brings incomparable pleasure to my heart and soul. It’s a simple truth, doing thoughtful and charitable deeds does bring a person true happiness. You’ve heard me talk about endorphins before, they are God’s gift to us (that cannot be replicated by science) that actually have ‘healing’ powers. So, let your endorphins flow! But, let it be known…they only flow when you are happy! Exercise, sex, laughing, and yes….ALTRUISM will do the trick! Depression, sadness, loneliness, crying, stress, none of these generate endorphins.

If you are looking for a mood boost, throw away the pills, drugs and the booze – those are certainly not going to do the trick; rather, engage in goodwill and reap the benefits of altruism!

Here are some ways to help others:

  • Visits to elderly neighbors, and nursing homes
  • Cook and deliver a meal to a family going thru a crisis
  • Give praise
  • Volunteer for charity work
  • Assist a young veteran
  • Be nice, smile
  • Share. A girlfriend of mine was recently telling me a story of how she shared her lunch with someone in the lunchroom at her work. I can’t think of a nicer thing to do. We teach our kids to share, we should too.

The list is endless, what are you waiting for?

Kind love,