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If someone who died back in the late 70’s / early 80’s were to come back to life today, they’d probably have a heart attack and die again! When I even think back to the 80’s I have a hard time believing where the world is today.

Back then, we had no email, barely even computers, and smoking was still allowed in the work place. I remember working with a girl who literally chain smoked all day long at her desk, can you imagine? Everything was so different then.

A big difference that I am noting these days is in applying for jobs. Back then you could actually get a face to face interview immediately, and would have an answer on the spot. You could also ‘ask’ for a raise when you felt you deserved one and most likely you got it. Today there is no face to face anything up front. It’s all done electronically, through the computer; if you are lucky you will get notified for an interview. But, even that could take weeks or months. If they are not interested, don’t expect to hear back at all, common courtesy doesn’t exist anymore. Their excuse is that there are just far too many applicants to respond to everyone. If you do have a job can you imagine asking your boss for a raise? Most fortune 500 companies don’t even give a cost of living increase, let alone a raise. I’m pretty sure it’s the same with most companies. Those days are gone, but are they gone forever? We can only hope not. Things need to get turned around, and I’m talking a complete 180.

It’s often referred to as ‘progress’ when describing where things are today vs. 30 years ago, but I’m beginning to wonder. Progress? Really? The economy is sinking more and more each day, jobs are hard to come by, and for those who are not feeling the sting ‘yet,’ they will soon at this rate. Progress means things are getting better, right? If this is moving forward then perhaps we should take a few steps backward. I’m just say’n…

Despite the direction the world appears to be going in, we need to continue to do what we need to in order to survive and succeed, never giving up. This is where my journey begins this week; I am on a road to new horizons and hoping to find success as I turn this corner!

Old world love to you!