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Bringing together The ME-gan Lifestyle and Weight Watchers has been quite interesting. Points go further, and I have been quite satisfied. I’m so happy to say that I’m down 8 pounds and counting, all from just paying attention to how much I eat, no matter how healthy it is. Thanks to the Weight Watchers point system, keeping track has been easy for me to do.

One downfall is that if you like to have an alcoholic drink every now and then (which I do), or soda & juice (which I don’t), then it really cuts into your point allowance. It’s crucial not to ‘drink’ away your points. And if you’re a cannoli lover – Mmm, then you’re really in trouble! Although I’m sure I could make a batch of ME-gan friendly ones 🙂  But if you’re going to eat and drink these things, then you better get active and start burning those calories so you can earn some points back for nutrition.

There are tricks to everything…pros and cons, ups and downs. Isn’t that what life is all about? There are many ways to do 1 thing and various ways to accomplish something. We’re not all right, and we’re not all wrong. We can only do what we know and feel is best at the time. So what works for me, may not work for you. I have learned through living The ME-gan Lifestyle that life is all about balance; mental, physical and spiritual. We need to be aware of our goals, and our state of being. Are we happy in all ways, mind, body & spirit? Where do we want to be? How do we want to look and feel? Are we lonely? Sad? Unhappy?

We need to take control of our lives once and for all and get back on track. Live, love and be happy & healthy!

Last night at game night with the neighbors, while others were munching on chips, dips, desserts and other goodies, I held fast to my ME-gan commitment & dedication; enjoying carrot & celery sticks, olives and a few rice crackers. Oh..yes, and one dirty martini made by the world-famous Lee Bortel! And NO, by the end the day, I had not gone over my daily point allowance.

Here’s to challenges and successful accomplishments!

Happy weekend to ya’ll,