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Lee and I found these awesome Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves at Costco over the weekend. Some people call these “Dolmades.” They are made fresh and ready to eat. Serving size is 1 piece, there are about 20 per package; calories per serving = 60, fat per serving = 2.5g, dietary fiber per serving = 1g. This amounts to 1 Weight Watchers point per serving. They are very good and are ME-gan friendly. So anyway, Lee decided they are the closest thing to sushi that we can eat and thought that they even look like sushi in a way, so he came up with the name “Mediterranean Sushi!” Brilliant! 🙂

Some of the most delicious foods we can eat are those most healthiest! Make wise choices. Eat smart, eat delicious!

We also found a new brand of Hummus – Organic Pita Pal, Spicy Roasted Red Pepper – and yes, it is DEE-LISH! Serving size is 2 Tbsp., 70 cal. per serving, 3.5 fat g per serving, and 2g of fiber per serving. That equals 1 WW point per serving – wow! And last, but not least, we picked up some Rojo’s Authentic Pico De Gallo ‘Medium’ – and boy-oh-boy is this incredible! It has a kick to it too. The best part is that this Pico has a serving size of 2 Tbsp., 10 cal. per serving, 0g fat per serving and less than 1g of fiber per serving. Which in WW world is considered 0 points –  ENJOY! As you can see from the above photo, the three items together made a perfect lunch! Guilt free eating!

I enjoy finding new products on the market that can make my life a little easier as well as keeping me in line with healthy eating. I have a girlfriend who makes her own Mediterranean Sushi (I just like the sound of that) 🙂 She actually showed me how to make them last time we got together, but I have not had the chance to make them yet. She is a really good cook and makes us great ME-gan food all the time. There’s nothing like homemade food, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to do it. Below are a few pictures of the ones she made…

Thanks Alyce – they were great and my mouth is watering as I’m typing this! I love sharing the ‘LOVE!’ Throw away those double cheeseburgers loaded with grease, bacon, extra cheese and double dipped in ranch dressing! Get on the healthy side of life and give your arteries a break!

Mediterranean LOVE to you all! Ciao!