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I have given myself the perfect ‘Christmas in July’ present. It is getting myself back on track and eating responsibly. I do love myself and respect myself more than ever, and would hate to gain weight by merely being inattentive. I certainly don’t want to make excuses either for losing track of how much I was eating, but in all seriousness a lot is going on in my world and I seemed to have just been eating out of stress; and regardless of the fact that it was all rather healthy food, the fact remains…I was overeating.

For those of you who have read my book, you know that I promote taking control of your life. We have the power to better ourselves without investing high dollars in the numerous plans and products available that claim to help us achieve better health (and happiness). Most plans do work, but are not something that a person can stick with their entire life. In other words, they are temporary solutions that empty our pockets. Lifestyle changes last, plans do not.

A closed door will prevent you from advancing any further. So, open the door that has shut you in and start going places!

This month I have taken on the challenge of practicing Weight Watchers and incorporating it with The ME-gan Lifestyle. I immediately realized how much I was overeating. But now, in just 10 short days, I am able to eat within my caloric intake range without knowing the WW point value ahead of time. See, to test whether or not I have been learning to accurately judge portion size, the last couple days I do not apply the WW points to my food journal until the end of the day (vs. as I go along to ensure I do not exceed my limit). The results have been successful; I have not been surpassing my daily allowance. Thanks to the WW point system, I have been able to discipline myself. So although WW has got me back on track, which is exactly what I was after, my point is that I should be able to maintain this discipline on my own after my challenge is over.

Sure, there are tools and products available to help us along in challenging situations such as losing weight, conquering addictions, and so forth, but I truly believe that we must apply conviction and find the will within ourselves to overcome. It’s okay to use outside sources to find balance & get on the right path, if that is what it takes, but if we are solely relying on them and not on ourselves, eventually we will fail (again).

Seek, and you will find, the self-control you need to reach better health and happiness.

ME-gan Love….