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Today is weigh in day; day 8, of my 30 day challenge to incorporate Weight Watchers into The ME-gan Lifestyle. So far, I must say…it’s been a breeze. Eating the foods I do makes WW a lot easier for me this time around. In the past when I have done it, I had a hard time not eating into the next day’s points; but it all makes sense now why that kept happening. I was eating high fat, high calorie foods. It’s that simple.

Low fat, low calorie, and high fiber food is what we need to strive for! Pasta fits the bill just perfect for all you Italian food lovers! Try a homemade marinara with chickpeas over gluten free pasta, served with a side salad. It’s heart healthy too! Mmm!

But even though I say it’s been a breeze, I am not saying there has been no effort involved. Actually, it’s been quite the opposite. First, I’ll make a plate with the amount of food I normally would have eaten and add up the points. Then, I make my new plate which is a portion controlled size plate and that is what I eat and keep track of in my food journal. This exercise makes me realize I don’t need as much food as I had been eating. I may continue keeping a food journal after the challenge, since it is such good practice and discipline. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being aware of what you are eating, and this is the best way to do it. Our minds (and memory) can play tricks on us, but once we write it down…the paper does not lie. I haven’t been going hungry this week, but I’ve had to make some adjustments, all worth it if you ask me.

I weighed in today 3.5 lbs. less. YEAH – I’ll take that! At this rate, I’ll reach my goal weight in no time.

Determination and will power get us where we need to be! Keep on keep’n on!

ME-gan Love,