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Keeping a food diary, or journal, however you prefer to call it, can be quite revealing. Don’t do it if you can’t handle the truth, because it does not lie and can be shocking. This practice will allow you to review your eating habits and is a strong tool in getting you on track to healthy eating. But it’s all or nothing. If you are going to do it, then do it – don’t hold back and most of all don’t cheat! You would only be lying to yourself and why would you want to do that?

A bite here and a bite there all add up. By the end of the day, if you place all those ‘bites’ on a dish, you’d have a full plate. Not to mention any ‘sips’ of beverages that you are not keeping track of. This can total up to a complete meal or more, just depending on what you’re snacking on. So again, write everything down. Monitor your intake of fat, calories, salt, fiber, and anything else you are concerned with. Weight Watchers has a superior point value system and I would suggest learning it if you are not already familiar with it. There are Weight Watchers meetings all over the place, including online.

I will take a wild guess and say that those who are reluctant to keep a food journal know they overeat and just do not want to face the truth; or simply are happy with the way they are. Fine. It’s all about being happy with ourselves. Why change if you’re happy? But again, my guess is that if you are overweight, then you are not in good health, and therefore are not completely happy. Who is ever happy when they are not healthy? I can’t think of anyone. If you insist on saying you are, then perhaps you’re not being honest. I’m just say’n…

The ME-gan Lifestyle is about eating healthy, being happy, and taking control of your life. Whether it be learning Weight Watchers, or simply getting off your butt and doing ANYTHING AT ALL to achieve better health, the important thing is that you break out of your unhealthy habits and get better! Start living! Participate in your own health! The ME-gan Lifestyle promotes eating what Mother Nature has to offer; lots of fresh fruit and veggies, gluten free grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, etc., but be sure and monitor your portion size. Even ME-gans can overeat! Gluten free, animal free, non-dairy and no egg – look and feel happier & healthier each day!

Me before ME-gan – 175 lbs.:

Me after ME-gan – 141 lbs.:

….and I’m still losing more! Never let yourself go…as I’m proving to you in my 30 day challenge this month, it’s easy to lose track of ourselves and our eating habits – but when it that does happen… do what you must to get back on track! My choice was to use the WW point system, and it’s working just fine! Losing weight and good health does not come by us doing ‘nothing,’ it’s hard work. So once you have found success, don’t let it slip away again!

Here’s to helpful tips that help us all achieve better health! Who can turn them down?