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Today is day 3 of my 30 day challenge and I really love that I am doing this! For some reason over the past few months I had been way overeating, but cutting back has not left me hungry at all; in fact I’m actually quite satisfied. I feel better about myself too when I am not being a glutton – I’m happier all around :). Practicing WW while living the ME-gan Lifestyle is SOOOOO much easier than when I ate the ‘no boundaries’ style of eating. See, the foods I eat now are not high fat or high calorie; which in essence allows me to eat quite a bit.

Eating meat, chicken, fish, burgers, bacon, cheese, dips, milk, creams, butters, etc., is all quite high on the point system. You can easily eat almost your entire daily allowance of points in breakfast alone – I kid you not. I used to eat this one breakfast burrito (a couple of times a week) that was worth 14 points – it was loaded with all sorts of artery clogging stuff, along with a beverage – it really doesn’t leave much for the rest of the day does it? What about biscuits and gravy, or eggs & bacon – throw in some hash-browns, toast, biscuits? They all add up fast.  By the time you devour the sub & chips for lunch, snack in between, and then eat a steak or some other piece of meat (fish, chicken, pork) served with a side dish or two for dinner, you’ve eaten all of today’s allowance plus tomorrows!

But just to be clear, the sole reason I am incorporating the ME-gan Lifestyle with Weight Watchers for 30 days is so that I can get a grip on ‘just how much’ I have been eating. WW really puts this into perspective. It puts a ‘price tag’ on food. No matter what you eat, or how much you eat…whether it be a bite, a bowl full, or a plateful, there is a price tag with a $$ amount on it so to speak. For example, a banana has the price tag of 2 points. Meats, chicken, fish…all get into higher price tags. It’s a simple system to learn, and it’s quite educating. I truly believe that our children should be taught this in school at an early age; it also educates them on how to read a nutritional label, which is priceless in our battle to end obesity.

But me just saying this or writing it to you is not as effective as you doing it and seeing it for yourself. I highly suggest doing WW for at least 1 week; as I said in my previous post, you will be shocked.

Yesterday I consumed 16.75 points out of my daily allowance of 22 points. I couldn’t have eaten more if I tried. Mother Nature’s foods are naturally filling, delicious, nutritious and satisfying; I was clearly overeating for no good reason.

I made a delicious soup yesterday which included squash, zucchini, bell peppers, plantain, onions, carrots, golden beets & their greens, tomatoes, celery and a few other ingredients and spices…it was DEE-LISH! I truly think it’s the best soup I’ve ever made, and like usual – I just got creative with what I had on hand. It made exactly 10 1-cup servings. According to my WW calculations, each serving is worth 1.85 points. Wow! I also steamed a bunch of fresh, organic green beans which I seasoned with onion powder, garlic and gluten free, low sodium soy sauce. A bowl of soup, with a side of green beans filled me up, and only cost barely 2 points. This explains why I am not reaching my 22 points at the end of the day (so far!) 🙂

Happy eating and smart choices to you!

Love Mary