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No matter how healthy you eat, it still comes down to caloric intake and how much exercise you are getting on a daily basis. The more you exercise the more you can eat. Eat foods high in fiber, low in fat! These foods will fill you up and won’t use up the majority of your daily caloric allowance. Educate yourself, because no one else will.

I can’t tell you how many times others will ask, “Isn’t it more expensive to eat organic and all natural?” The answer is “No” on many levels. This is not an economic issue for the family food budget…the true cost is found is being overweight, unhealthy and at high risk for a variety of symptoms, ailments and diseases. You know the usual suspects; diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, lethargy, achy joints, migraines, digestive problems, IBS, nervous leg syndrome etc… Everything in life has a cost. High risk behavior yields a high risk in results. It is no different from the pattern we see in others (but seldom recognize in ourselves) such as, over eating, smoking, excessive drinking, and too much stress. The price tag on unhealthy eating is much higher than the price tag on healthy eating.

When I first started living the ME-gan Lifestyle, I shed 35 lbs. over the course of a year. I thought that was pretty impressive. It was slow, but steady. I have always heard that this is the best way to lose weight, because it tends to stay off, especially if you have changed your lifestyle and are not merely doing a fad diet (yo-yo dieting is extremely hard on your heart). However, I plateaued and stopped losing weight. Actually, over the past 6 months I have gained 5 lbs. Of course, my first reaction is “What is causing this weight gain? I couldn’t eat any better than I do!” Research shows that women my age tend to put on water weight and get ‘thicker’ around the abdomen, due to hormonal changes and what not. Peri-Menopause is not friendly and I am not looking forward to meeting her mother, Menopause herself.

There is no doubt that I eat ‘healthy,’ but what I’m beginning to realize is that I’m eating ‘too much’ lately. Stress doesn’t help either – everyone usually eats under stress, right? But I refuse to push my weight gain off on middle age, and there’s no good in making excuses. I’m taking full responsibility for it. This world is so enabling at times, it drives me nuts!

I’m pulling out the big guns now and am starting a 30 day challenge – ME-gan Meets Weight Watchers. I have practiced WW in the past and have always been successful. Unfortunately, I always needed more food than permitted. But I’m going to have to learn how to eat less; there is no way around it. I can kick my exercise level up a notch – that’s a sure way to be able to eat more. And if I can’t find the time or am just too lazy to exercise, then I’m going to have to suffer through cutting back – “Woe is me!” Lol!! See, there’s no room for excuses or feeling sorry for myself. I already know this, but sometimes we all need a good reminder of what is true and right for us.

Calculating the WW points for our morning breakfast bowl of oatmeal.

I think WW is awesome for any one, no matter how you eat, because more than anything, it puts into perspective just HOW MUCH you really do consume. It’s scary – it truly is; most of us eat far more than we realize. Don’t forget beverages count too: alcohol, sodas, milk, juices, fancy coffee drinks, etc. they are all loaded with calories. This challenge will surely open my eyes to the fact that I’m going to have to readjust my eating habits a bit. A person can eat healthy, but at the same time, one can still overeat. It’s just that simple.

This bowl of Steel Cut Oats was equal to 3 WW points. It included 1/4 cup of raisin, 1/4 cup of coconut almond milk, 1 serving of the oats, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. That’s all! Very yummy and filling.

Join me over the next 30 days as I will share my daily thoughts, talk about the foods I’m eating, and provide some interesting tips and facts to you. I know this challenge will make me a better person, and I certainly hope it inspires you too!

ME-gan and Weight Watchers love to you,