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A health magazine with this article title on its cover would sell millions! Everyone wants to learn ways to reduce stress. Do we not know how to do this already? Do we actually believe that we may have missed out on ‘THE’ ten ways to reduce stress? It makes me GIGGLE just thinking about it.

Not that I know anything, but if I was getting paid $100,000 a year to write an article in a top-selling health or woman’s magazine, these would be Mary’s 10 ways to reduce stress and at no charge, compliments of the ME-gan Lifestyle:

  1. Take a vacation.
  2. Enjoy a night of sex with your spouse.
  3. Light a few of your favorite scented candles and place them around your bathtub while you soak in a hot, bubbly bath listening to Andrea Bocelli.
  4. Enjoy a night out of dinner and dancing – cut loose.
  5. Indulge yourself in a 1 hr. massage; feel that stress drain from your mind and body.
  6. Find some time to meditate and get spiritual. This could be prayer; deep breathing; yoga; sitting in silence; or any way you chose to spend time of meditation where your mind, body and soul can become one, leaving everything else behind.
  7. Have a fun night out with your friends. Make sure lots of laughter is involved, perhaps a night of games, a funny movie, even an evening at the comedy club. Laughter heals the soul and releases stress. Thank you Mother Nature!
  8. Spend some time writing in a journal or diary. Pour your heart out on paper telling all the things that have been going on in your life. Don’t leave out anything; include the good & the bad, the happy & the sad. Write down where you’d like to see yourself in the near and far future. Writing is the 2nd step in achieving your goals. First speak them, then write them, then visualize them – then make them happen. See if you don’t feel better after doing this little exercise.
  9. Spend some time with a loved one that you don’t usually get to see that often. Make a day out of it – get caught up; show and share your love with them. Remember, “Love me while I’m here.
  10. Think of one thing that you would love to do, but have kept putting it off for the longest time for all the wrong, stupid reasons. Just think about it, if this one thing is going to make you happy and is feasible for you to do, then why not do it? It could be a walk in the park, or buying that new top at the mall, maybe even curling up with a good book. We are always cheating ourselves, when sometimes the simplest pleasures in life would make us so very happy.

So, there you have it. There are no secrets to anything really; all these thoughts are well-known to us all, but we tend to not act on them. However, when we see that headline on a magazine we assume they are going to be ‘words of wisdom’  that we never even thought or knew about. After spending $10 on a magazine, my guess is you’re going to say to yourself is that all there is?” (click here to listen to this awesome song, sung by Peggy Lee)..and you’re going to say this because you really already knew that. Go with your intuition!

Say goodbye to stress and HELLO to peaceful R&R. Stress free, ME-gan love to you,