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Is removing gluten from your diet necessary if you are not celiac, or do not have gluten and/or wheat allergies, intolerance or sensitivity? The straight answer is no.

Some people have severe allergies to food items such as seafood, nuts, milk, etc. Some allergic reactions can cause extreme reactions, some even resulting in death. You should not eat what you are allergic to, period. If I eat gluten, I usually get severe cramping and need to take a pain pill to get through it. It just depends how much I ingest. Sometimes, if only a little sneaks in, I may feel gassy and bloated – and that’s uncomfortable enough. If I was to eat gluten daily, the results would be much more extensive. I’d get my migraines back along with lethargy, mood swings, weight gain, and much more. I’m sure my Raynaud’s would come back too.

All of us who have these reactions to gluten should definitely eliminate it from our diets. For those who do not experience health problems with gluten, there is no need to do this, however, you may want to think about and review the foods that do contain gluten. Most processed and junk foods have gluten. Most frozen and canned products contain gluten. It’s in creams, sauces, marinades, and most fast foods. The more we stop eating this processed junk food, the better for us it is. It’s that simple, and we most likely know this already, we just don’t practice it.

Of course, there are many high fiber breads that we are told are GREAT for us, but what about all the other sources of grains? We very rarely hear about these. Wouldn’t you like to experience the amazing flavors of gluten free grains and reap their many health benefits? We are so often stuck in the repetitive boring eating habits we’ve learned over the course of our lives. BORING! Here are some gluten free grains:

  • Buckwheat
  • Millet
  • Corn
  • Quinoa
  • Amaranth
  • Rice/Wild Rice

and more!

Oats are even gluten free, but are often contaminated while growing, or while being processed and packaged. Be sure to purchase from a dedicated gluten free company such as Bob’s Red Mill, GF Harvest, or the brand in the picture above that I found at Trader Joe’s – Country Choice.

For baking, there are several gluten free options. Throw away that white flour – blaaah!! Have you ever used garbanzo bean flour? Mmm – if not, you are in for a treat! Explore and find new products and recipes – they are at your fingertips, you just need to go get them!

Herb Loaf bread from Gluten-Free Creations Bakery is both gluten free and vegan! We ME-gans LOVE it!!

So even though you may not HAVE to remove gluten from your diet, what I am saying is that you would most likely benefit from doing so. By eliminating processed junk food alone, you’ll lose weight and feel better. And if you don’t need to lose weight, believe me…you’ll benefit in SOME way. But you won’t know until you try.

Gluten free ME-gan love and health to you!