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This weekend Lee and I were able to visit quite a few places in the Valley, we even saw a new Mormon temple being built – it’s huge! By happenstance, we discovered an awesome restaurant called Chakra4 herb & tea house. They have ME-gan friendly food and all sorts of delicious dishes. There’s something for everyone here. They are extremely accommodating to your dietary requirements and the environment is very relaxing and inviting, not to mention the mouth-watering aromas that fill the air!

We also stopped at The Queen Creek Olive Mill. What an awesome place to visit – just lovely. We took the tour and learned so much about olives. One thing that sticks out in my mind is what we learned about black canned olives – Ewww! The process they go through to make them black (because there really is no such thing as a black olive) is totally gross. I know many of us enjoy these, but I’m just telling you…I’m not ever going to eat one again!

I love olive oil and cook with it all the time, I even rub it into my face – it’s great for your skin! The Italians swear that if you drink 2 Tbsp. each morning your vitality and libido will thrive (I learned this while in Italy)! Count me in 🙂

Our last stop was to Schnepf Farms. This is the perfect place to pick your own fresh, organic fruits and veggies. Follow their event calendar and join in on the fun. In the fall they have a big pumpkin patch and festivities! If you appreciate Mother Nature and the goodness of the earth, then you’ll enjoy a visit here; and don’t forget to bring the kids!

Enjoying the outdoors and getting to know your community is important. Meeting new people and finding new places to visit are quite rewarding. Lee and I always love a great photo shoot opportunity, and this is also a great way to find them. So get out this weekend and see what’s going on. Don’t forget to bring your camera and pack a small cooler with lots of ice, water, fruit & other healthy snacks. It’s no fun being out when you’re hot, thirsty and hungry. Pack smart. 

Life is beautiful! Be healthy and LIVE!

Here are some pics from our weekend outing.

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ME-gan love to you!