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I was reading an article the other day out of the Jeff Herman’s Guide on Post-Publication Depression Syndrome (PPDS), and I found it quite interesting. I thought perhaps I may be suffering from it! 🙂 I’ve waited all my life to write a book; it’s always been my dream. The emotions that come when it’s finally time to MAKE IT HAPPEN are ridiculously exhilarating – I can’t even explain it.  Your heart & soul goes into it and so many fantasies of a successful outcome fill your soul! You may even envision everyone in the world reading and loving your book! Hey…it’s just how it is. 🙂

But, once it’s written you need to get it published and that’s a whole matter in itself. This road is long and it’s not easy. We are human and we can make some major mistakes; the important thing is to not make the same mistake twice! You can meet some real slimy people along the way, watch out! They can make you feel like your dream was wrong, or stupid. They can make you second guess yourself. They disguise themselves pretty good. But due to that very reason, it’s likely that you’ll get stung once or twice, to no fault of your own.

Don’t be labeled, and don’t be discouraged. Be like a flower that blooms and shows its beauty, despite what surrounds it! You are what God says you are, not what others say you are. Keep negativity out and your true talents and goodness will radiate! Live, Love and be Happy!

Bringing your work to the #1 best seller list is not easy. But I do believe it can be done. Even though it may seem that unless you’re Joel Osteen, Bill Clinton, Oprah, Dr. Phil, or even Dr. Phil’s wife, getting your book to sell may not be a simple task, I still have hope! I look at it this way, when you got a good thing plant it. If it’s solid and firm, it will grow. And growth comes with time. So right now, patience and understanding are my best friends!

A few excerpts from the article read:

“Emotional let downs happen when results don’t fulfill expectations. Everything preceding the point of publication involves drama, excitement and anticipation. Butterflies flutter in the belly and endorphins soar through the brain. One day the writer’s goal will be manifested in the body of a published book, and the self-constructed dreams will be displaced by a reality that seems to lack sizzle. What follows might feel sad and un-nourishing. No matter how much is achieved, something crucial might feel left behind”

“Achieving awesome goals is a reward unto itself, but it may not be enough to satisfy what’s needed.”

“Finally receiving the bound book in hand might prove to be surprisingly uneventful.”

“Sometimes the publication is everything the writer hoped for, which of course is a wonderful outcome. But for many it feels like nothing much happened at all. The media isn’t calling; few people show up for signings/readings, and perhaps most upsetting of all, friends and relatives report that the book can’t be found.”

I can relate to just about all of this and have to laugh; I find the truth to be quite funny at times. Life and emotions, who can understand either of them?

And sure, disappointments may arise from unfulfilled expectations, so just don’t expect anything! Then, if something good happens you’ll be pleasantly surprised, but if it doesn’t then at least you won’t be let down! And yes…you’re gonna feel a little sad and empty when it’s all over, we all do; but understand that it’s just an emotion, not a disease or illness. There is no need for a label – LOL! After all, my goodness, what do you do after climbing Mt. Everest? You know what I mean? I say move on to accomplish your next dream! 

Don’t let that ‘sad’ emotion over stay its welcome, because there’s just too much to look forward to. Future works for one, and what about all the interesting people you meet along the way? It always inspiring to meet new people – you don’t know what may come from all these new relationships. Big changes, great changes are coming! You can open yourself up and let the light shine in, or shut down and keep the light out. I know what I’m gonna do! This not only pertains to writers, but to anything and anyone in life. 

When we look to tomorrow we should always be filled with hope, not doom or gloom. PPDS is discouragement and a label, and I won’t allow either of those to happen. So yes, I thought I may actually have PPDS, but then before I let that thought consume me, I kicked it out of my head! The dream of writing my first book is now an experience and accomplishment, there is no need to be sad. The chance that tomorrow may bring even more GREAT THINGS is certainly something to be excited about and to hope for. Keep the faith!

Encouragement – fill me up please!