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If you’re in the mood for a snack that is lite & tasty, with a little Mexican flavor and twist – boy have I got the thing for you. A bean burrito with cheese, green chiles and lettuce – Mmm! Of course, you can add more to it if you’d like, this was my fast, delicious, satisfying, low cal and easy version, which fits my daily caloric allowance just perfectly!

  • 1 Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Tortilla
  • Shredded Follow Your Heart Cheddar Vegan Gourmet Cheese Alternative (you only need a little – not even a full serving)
  • 1/8 cup of Trader Joe’s traditional style fat free refried beans
  •  2 Tbsp Macayo’s Diced Chile’s
  • all the shredded lettuce you want

Here are the weight watcher points for each ingredient:

  • 1 tortilla is 2 pts
  • 1 serving of the cheese is 1 oz and 2 points
  • 1 serving size of beans is 1/2 cup and 2 points
  • Diced green chiles are free (zero weight watcher points)
  • Lettuce is free (zero weight watcher points)

So I calculate that this burrito is about 4 points. That’s really not bad. You can add pickles, tomatoes, or other veggies to your burrito – most veggies are either very low points or zero points.

Eat up and enjoy!