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It is amazing how many new ME-ganly delicious foods there are on the market these days. As much as I want to stay all-nat-ur-al, there are times I just have to have my fix of premade, prepackaged, almost devilish treats!

I saw an ad in one of my gluten free magazines the other day for this product line made with coconut oil, called ‘Hail Merry.’ At first I was like…oh man, I’m not sure I approve of that name, it’s sacred, but I know they’re trying to be cute. I must say, after trying the mint chocolate tart last night, I’m real happy! This is one of those treats that are just too good to be true, but is true. One little tart was about $4.00 out the door, but we cut it into quarters and each ate a piece – that means we still have 2 pieces left for tonight, YEAH! That’s all it takes anyway to satisfy the yummy factor craving.

There is something about gluten free vegan chocolate, it only takes a little to hit the spot; 1 chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s lasts me almost a whole month – no kidding. They are flat and sectioned into little break-off pieces; I can only eat one piece at a time because they’re so rich. I can’t believe I would eat a whole Snickers or Three Musketeers in the old days!

If you haven’t tried these tasty little ME-gan friendly tarts by Hail Merry (click here to visit their website), then my advice to you is…DO IT! Then we can all write letters in and beg them to lower their price!!  🙂

Here are some pics to salivate over!

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ME-ganly yummy love to you!