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Certainly you must hear that voice inside yourself screaming out the difference between healthy food and junk food, right? Does it cause you to stop and hesitate before you put crap into your mouth? Do you rethink  your options? If you’re not hearing that voice, then I suggest listening to your body before, during and after eating. This is intuitive eating; the most powerful tool there is…and guess what? It’s free. It’s not a diet, it’s not a plan…it’s merely listening to your body talk! Take into consideration what the food is that you are about to eat, and where it came from. What will it do for your mind and body? Is it nourishing, or will it clog your arteries?  Do you feel the same after eating two dozen hot wings with a side of ranch or maybe a greasy steak and cheese with a side of even greasier onion rings vs. eating a salad loaded with fresh veggies, topped with oil & vinegar?

My guess is no, you don’t feel the same. I’m pretty sure you feel much better after the salad! No guilt, no sluggishness…just a feeling of satisfaction and goodness running through your veins!

You need to take a minute to listen to your body speak. It will provide all the answers you need. For instance, are you enjoying that Big Mac you are eating, or are you eating it mindlessly because you happened to be driving by and saw an advertisement on the window that said 2 for $2? What about that hot fudge sundae you ate late last night before bed? Could that have been an emotional craving? Perhaps it gave you that sense of comfort or was a way to release stress and anxiety? I bet after you finished it you felt even worse. Junk food is just momentary pleasure – but then you suffer guilt and unhealthy side effects long after. We all know this; but what we need to do is JUST STOP IT!

Intuitive eating means listening to  your body and reading the signals your mind and stomach are sending to you. When you eat, focus on what you are eating. Don’t be distracted by the TV, radio, phone, texting, email, or anything else. Being 100% present at your meal causes you to be more aware of what you are eating. Eventually, you’ll want only to feed your mind and body the best, and will cringe at the things you used to consume.  You’ll learn to respect yourself and strive to get and stay fit.

Better health is waiting, go after it.

Intuitive eating love to you!