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Our neighborhood enjoys getting together every now and then and just celebrating the end of a long, hard week. We hang out, talk, laugh, tell jokes & stories, eat, drink and then, when we’re all done, we simply walk home. How cool is that!?

This last gathering was to celebrate the Super Moon of 2012 – Perigee in Arizona! What a bummer though, the moon was not big at all (you can get a glimpse of it in one of the photo’s below, as it is just rising over one of the rooftops). There was nothing breathtaking about it. I’ve seen bigger and better many times before. This was just the average moon. HOWEVER…there was a ‘blue’ moon – actually TWO of them! See if you can spot them in the photos! Regardless of the not so SUPER Super Moon, we had a blast! And it turned out to be almost 100% ME-gan, until the lovely Diane brought out FLAN (which I heard was out of this world good)! Lee’s eyes widened when I told him “Look…there’s ME-gan friendly flan!” but I quickly came back with “Just kidding.” Oh my goodness, everyone started laughing, but I guess it was a cruel joke. I’m bad that way! We all had fun, and it was an opportunity for Lee and I to share our limoncello. I’m proud to say that by unanimous decision, it was voted the best flavored and smoothest limoncello in the world!

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Apparently there are some awesome salsa makers in this neighborhood. I thought mine was the bomb, but I had some competition for sure; the organic mango salsa won me over, Mmm! The guacamole was to die for too! Wow…I was impressed. Anyway, I thought it was rather cool how there was no sour cream, cheese dips, meat snacks, and so forth – it was all ME-gan. What I want to know is was it merely by chance, or is ME-gan spreading throughout the neighborhood? 🙂

Spice up your neighborhood with a homemade salsa and guacamole get together!

Spreading the ME-gan love!