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The buzz is on in the RAW world. I am hearing more and more about eating raw and am just mesmerized by it. Lee and I tried to go raw for 30 days, but barely made it 3. The food is delicious, but it definitely takes time, dedication, knowledge and skill. You cannot enter into this blindly, you will not succeed. First of all, I am not an expert on RAW by any means. However, I do believe the numerous testimonies I’ve heard of the healings that come about from eating this way. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a healthy form of eating, you just need to know what you are doing or else you could probably do more harm than good to yourself.

There is a class that is offered here in AZ, by this amazing woman, but my goodness, it’s quite expensive! We’re talking several thousand dollars! Maybe in my next life I can afford her class. I’m sure it’s a great class, with lots of information, but only if it were cheaper! LOL! See, RAW is not as simple as living off carrots and cucumbers – I wish. There’s a science to it, and an art to its cooking.  No doubt…there’s much to be learned, and I’m sure well worth spending every $1.00 on the classes that are offered, however, for now, I’m going to do my own research to learn what exactly the RAW truth is and the many health benefits & science behind it. Living the ME-gan Lifestyle has changed my life 100%. I am much healthier now, not to mention HAPPIER! I like to try new things and am always striving for ultimate health and happiness. The way I see it is that RAW is the ultimate extension of the ME-gan Lifestyle!

Ever since I read “The Maker’s Diet” years ago, by Jordan Rubin, I’ve loved his product line “Garden of Life.” I specifically enjoy the Perfect Food. This weekend I was at Whole Foods Market and found a new version of this Perfect Food – CLICK HERE> Perfect Food Raw; Raw Organic Green Super Food.

Even though I eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, along with lots of other whole natural goodness from the earth, I still enjoy great products like this one every now and again.  Eventually I will get a juicer and will be able to enjoy my own raw, organic, vegan & gluten free juices!

Staying on top of your game is how you win! Try new things and gain knowledge –  you can’t go wrong!

RAW energy love & power to you!

Mary   **EMBRACE The ME-gan Lifestyle!** Click here to get your copy today!