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The past week has been a flood of nonsense happening in my life. Just crazy things – like things I don’t even believe would or could happen. I know we all experience this from time to time, thus the saying “when it rains it pours!”  It’s like a dark cloud rolls in and decides to hang there for a while. And me, being the one who’s always striving to keep the negative out and only allow positive in, have had to stop and ask out  loud (at least once each day), “REALLY LORD?”  Of course I say this with a chuckle in my heart, because it’s all so ridiculous. See, I know it will pass…eventually! I’m just ready for it to pass NOW!

I sometimes laugh and think God truly is a comedian. I remember one specific time praying to win the lottery and sure enough I did…I won $3.00. I could hear God laughing and saying “That will teach you to play the lottery!” HAHAHA! There’s been times I’ve prayed to be able to make ends meet and sure enough I was able to…but, without a penny left! These are the times I laugh and look up to heaven and say “God, do you think you could give me a little extra?” Isn’t this just the way it goes sometimes? We somehow manage to just keep hanging on. Nothing more, nothing less.

I was lying in bed Monday morning thinking –  I hope this week brings some good news, as last week truly brought very little. I went to ‘speak’ a voice message on my cell phone to my daughter (I like using this option instead of typing it by hand) and as I started talking I noticed it was not typing in English.  It may have been jibberish, I don’t know. It was not Spanish I know that. So I started over, and it happened again. I think at that point I just realized that the week would not be any better. Seriously? My phone is typing jibberish now? Uggg…I powered it off and then back on, it was fixed. I wish sometimes I could do that with my life! 🙂 Then, later that day I pulled a tendon in my right elbow. I’ve never done this before, but all I can say is “OUCH!” I’m really laughing now! What will happen next to top this?  Oh gosh, as I write all this I am truly doing it with a smile on my face. This is just life, and this is how it goes. It happens to the best of us, I know that. We’ve all had this dark cloud follow us before. I’m not singled out. The best part about it is when it passes, and the good things start to happen – what a testimony that will be! But we must persevere to get past it.

Then, last night before bed, I was watching Joel Osteen; I just love him! Of course his message was just what I needed at this time. It was about how we may receive 1000 ‘no’s’ before we get our ‘yes.’ Joel is the master of getting a positive message across. God has truly blessed him. I’m sure he must have some idea about the billions of people he has inspired – I being one of them. The moral of his message was to never give up. No’s will pass and yes’s will come.

So today I woke up and said “let it keep raining” (Of course this is a metaphor, because I live in AZ and it’s definitely not raining here)…because the more it rains, the closer it is to the sunshine.  My yes is coming! So is yours!

Just smile and know that God is working! Love,