Yes…elation! That was the feeling I was filled with after last night’s cooking class. It was a smash hit and as I suspected, everyone in attendance LOVED all the varieties of tofu I prepared. Not one single“Yuck” in the house. I was hoping to send everyone home with some tofu to share with their family, but there wasn’t even a lick left. LOL! Oh happy day when people enjoy my food.

Questions were asked, notes were taken, laughter filled the air and time flew by! My invitation said the class would be from 6 to 7:30, which was the only mistake I made! I severely underestimated that! When all was done and good-byes were being said it was well after 9:00pm! I cooked 4 containers of tofu, 4 different ways! How could that possibly have only taken an hour and a half? LOL. Thank goodness no one was in a hurry and was able stay the extra time.

It was very rewarding for me to see that everyone was having a great time, loving the food and learning…all at the same time! I’m so glad that I held this class and know now that this was just one in a series of others I will be teaching on other tofu and soy products. But before that, and due to popular demand, it looks like I’ll be having a ME-gan pizza cooking class for the children! Spreading the ME-gan love to all!

Here are some pics – enjoy!

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On we grow! ME-gan Love,