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Coming from a big Italian family and raising four kids of my own has been a life lesson in itself on cooking, cleaning, child psychiatry, nursing 101, faith instructor and more! Each day of our life offers something amazing to us. We learn; we fail, we succeed, we try again, we get knocked down, we get up again, we press on! That’s LIFE, so live it and love it!

As we grow, the best way to help others is by sharing what we have learned. Not forcing, just sharing. If something has had a positive effect on us, then why wouldn’t we want to spread the good news? Especially when it comes to achieving better health and happiness, right?

That’s all I’ve done with the ME-gan Lifestyle, shared it with others. My reward is the many emails and wonderful comments that people send to me. If I can help just one person in this world then I’ve accomplished more than I could ever hope for.

Tonight I continue sharing. It’s my very first ME-gan cooking class – The Art Of Frying Tofu. I’m looking forward to it and expect to have a great time! So many people out there have no idea what tofu is, its texture, its taste, or how to prepare it. Some people have misconceptions and believe it to be gross. But that is simply not true. Although, I certainly don’t expect everyone to like it, I’m just saying that more people would probably incorporate it into their diet and find that they ‘LOVE’ it, if they’d only give it a try.

So here’s to growing and sharing! Updates on tonight’s class will be posted tomorrow!

Share the wealth and love your neighbor!