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Can you relate when I say we MUST enjoy the beauty of aging? There’s a time for everything. A time to be young, and a time to be old. Why is it so hard for some people to accept this? Is it that we don’t like the changes our bodies go through, or is it that we fear being closer to the ‘end?’ As Betty Davis once said:

“Getting old isn’t for sissies.”

‘Aging’…I think it’s a subject that most adults try to avoid. It isn’t until we begin to age, and I don’t mean turning 13…you know what I mean, that we start to really appreciate good health and natural beauty. We regret laying out in the sun all those years trying to get a deep, dark, sexy tan. We regret smoking and drinking so much. We regret all the junk food we ate. We regret any substance abuse, and in some cases even taking certain medications prescribed by our doctor. If we could push the rewind button and do it all over, we would do things differently. But we can’t.

There are many anti-aging products available and some that promise to remove wrinkles and age spots. Of course there are tons of cosmetic surgeries as well, which will help us to look younger and feel younger…’temporarily’ that is. But what are we doing by partaking in these? Are we postponing getting old? Are we putting off death? Or do we simply want to look & feel younger?

Why can’t we just relax and enjoy aging? We enjoyed our youth. We enjoyed our middle age. Now let’s enjoy aging and where it takes us. Getting rid of wrinkles isn’t going to make your spouse love you anymore is it? If a boob lift and a tummy tuck is where you look for true happiness, then maybe something is missing in your life. I’m just saying…don’t hate me.

Who are we to attempt to change the forces of nature? Rather than accept and savor aging, we fight it. Remember, only Moses could part the seas and hold back the forces of nature.

The cover picture for this post is of me and my sweet mother, Jackie. She defies age! All her secrets are truly not secrets, they are simply basic, natural ways of living: belief and love of God, cold cream at night, a shot of bourbon each day (LOL!), and a joyful, loving outlook on life! She meets aging head on and with a warm, friendly heart. She finds good in everything and everybody. Being a negative, mean-spirited person, will age you more than you know. Jackie is a strong, solid, caring, centered, faith filled woman! The world needs more Jackies!

What we should be focusing on, as opposed to our looks, is our mental, emotional and physical health. They are imperative to healthy aging and ensure that we can enjoy these years to the fullest. Instead of fearing the stages ahead and wishing them away, eagerly anticipate and be prepared to welcome them. Knowledge is your best friend. As I always say, do your own research and learn what’s best for you, this will enable you to ease into the next phase of your life.

We should be content & satisfied through all stages of life and adapt to the new, ever-changing ‘us.’ If we don’t let go and move on, we miss the joys of life along the way and will always be frustrated trying to prevent something that will naturally happen anyway!

The ME-gan Lifestyle encourages taking control of your life, embracing change and finding ultimate health and happiness. Be the entire YOU that you were meant to be!

Embrace the ME-gan Lifestyle today, why wait? Tomorrow will be brighter!

Looking forward to tomorrow & the rest of my life, and loving you always,