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My granddaughter, Milania Marie. She's a ray of sunshine. She LOVES her mac 'n' cheese!

The ME-gan Lifestyle focuses on healthy eating. Fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds and so many awesome grains! This is a LIFESTYLE not a diet, and there are a wide variety of all of these out there waiting for you to try them! Don’t just eat apples, bananas and pears! No, go find out what other totally amazingly delicious fruits there are! The same goes with veggies, grains, etc! We need to break out of our shell and break into discovery mode!

And for those of you with young children, believe me when I say your kids will love what you feed them. If you are feeding them junk food then they will become junk foodies, but it’s not too late to change their diet. It may take a little adjustment for both of you, but it’s well worth it. Start feeding them healthy snacks like various fruits and different nut butters. Make them yummy fruit smoothies and prepare little veggies platters for them. Kids can eat yellow and orange peppers too you know – they are so sweet and healthy! When you slice them thin the kids can easily grab and dip them in homemade baba ganoush; hummus, cucumber raita, so on. Try the Persian cucumber for a change, you & your kids will love them!

And remember, what ever your child’s favorite traditional food is, there is most likely a ME-gan version. Don’t sweat it. Change doesn’t have to be difficult, it should be an exciting and uplifting challenge! When you look back a little while from now and notice the change you’ve accomplished thus far, it will all be worth it! Keeping you and your family healthy is #1, and the good eating habits you instill now will grow and continue on!

Amanda made mac ‘n’ cheese for her children last night, and she said “This was soooooooooo good!” Lee saw the picture of it and his mouth started watering. He hasn’t had macaroni and cheese since we’ve been ME-gan, so I guess I’m going to have to treat him to some.

Here is Amanda’s notes on how she made it:

So I sliced half a roll of the Teese Vegan Cheddar, melted it in a sauce pan with about 1 cup of Better Than Bouillon that I made (you could use your homeade veg stock) & 1 Tbsp of the Earth Balance Soy Free Buttery Spread & added some onion powder, garlic powder & salt & pepper & let it simmer while the Pasta Joy Rice Noodles cooked & once they were done I tossed them with the cheese. It’s really creamy so if you like it more brothy, then I’d just add more of the veg stock. Both kids loved it!!


Dig in! Love,