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My son, Nathan, has been home visiting and he really enjoys eating ME-gan food. He LOVES my tofu, as does everyone who tries it, and goes through my almond coconut milk like crazy! No matter what I cook, he goes on and on about how good it is.

Last night he was surprised when he came to the table and asked “Is this ME-gan?” He couldn’t believe the tacos I made and said they were the best he’d ever had. He also ate a stuffed pepper quicker than I don’t know what! I must say…I LOVE when people enjoy my food! What a compliment that is! When we were done eating dinner, Lee said “I don’t know what came over me, but I felt like I inhaled that; it was just so good!”

To me, this was a very fast and easy meal and every now and then, after a hard day, fast and easy is just what I need! Yet, it’s still delicious & nutritious!

Nathan’s learning a lot from watching me and seeing what I cook with. He had never heard about Tempeh, and was surprised at how good it is. See, most people just stay with the same old boring foods, and never venture out to try new things. The ME-gan Lifestyle encourages trying new healthy foods!

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If you are contemplating changing your lifestyle and are ready to embrace change in every way, then the ME-gan Lifestyle is for you! And it’s kid friendly! Take on a positive attitude, throw away the negative. Stop eating the crap that is destroying your body and experience the true beauty & power of healthy food! Food that won’t clog your arteries or slow you down. You deserve it; your family deserves it! And your body will thank you too!

ME-gan Love!