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Living The ME-gan Lifestyle gets better each day! We feel healthier all the time and the weight is STILL coming off. Yes…hard to believe, but I still have more weight to lose! Lee doesn’t have as much as I do, but hey, what can I say? Women get it socked to them in more ways than men do.

The first time we tried tempeh, we weren’t quite sure what to think of it. It has quite a strong & nutty flavor. We made tacos with it, and all-in-all were pleasantly pleased. This time we tried another brand by Lightlife. It’s organic tempeh and comes in a few different flavors. Click here to visit their website. I love their garden veggie tempeh – Mmm!

There are many ME-gan friendly, healthy & delicious products available to us, you just gotta find them! Tempeh is easy to cook. Use your favorite marinade and sauté in extra light olive oil (or your favorite healthy oil) until lightly browned & crisp. Not much to it at all and there are many ways you can enjoy it; over a salad, in a veggie wrap, tacos, burritos, scrambled, or even as a side, get creative! Here are some pics of our meal:

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We are the couple from Tempe who love to eat Tempeh! Just one of those thangs!

ME-gan Love…