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Is it just me or do we have so much more on our plate these days? And I’m not talking food. I’m talking the plate of life. No one said that growing up and becoming an adult would mean facing one hurdle after the next. I wish someone would have given me a clue, I probably would have enjoyed my childhood much more and not have wasted so much of it wishing I were an adult! ūüôā

Lee¬†often says that the great thing about being an adult is that we are free to do¬†as we choose,¬†go where we want…¬†when we want, eat what we like,¬†¬†and so forth. Well I guess that’s true to a certain extent, but I got news for¬†him – I’m not finding it to be very true in my life. As an adult I have found that sometimes we have to put our needs¬†on the back burner, and focus on the wants and needs of others. Sometimes we cannot eat what we want, because we are adults now¬†and have come to realize that health matters, therefore putting down the crap, and eating the right stuff (which then becomes what we ‘want’ to eat anyway). Sometimes we cannot do what we want, because we have obligations and financial limitations. Yes, sadly…being an adult is not all that it’s cut out to be. It’s not like being a child and having your mom cook your dinners, wash your clothes, clean up after you, and drive you places. Life happens, and we grow up.

Now, as an adult¬†in today’s world, we become jugglers. Always in search of finding ‘balance.’ Jobs, children, spouses, friends, family, community, church, charity, etc.¬† What’s missing? ‘ME’ is missing. In trying to juggle and keep everything¬†intact, we lose sight of ourselves. ‘WE’ become last in our own lives.

There comes a day when we have to take a deep breath, take a deep look at our life, and take that giant leap towards positive change! What can we do to make a difference in our life? How can we make it better? How can we make it simpler? How can we make it more rewarding? How can we make it happier? How can we make it more loving? How can we find ourself again, and put ourself back on the priority list? How can we LIVE and be happy, once again?

See, everything must end, so what really matters most? Look at this old building, it was once new. I’m sure people spent time working on the¬†plans and then finally built it. It must have been a happy day. But now it lies in ruins, abandoned. It’s kind of symbolic, don’t you think?

Life is short, it’s true. So why spend our time juggling & struggling? A juggler can only keep the act¬†going for so long before everything falls to the ground. So it’s time we lay our full plate down, analyze the situations and streamline what we have control over and what we don’t. Because sometimes most of what we are struggling with is out of our hands anyway, therefore just wasting our resources & wearing ourselves out trying to fight battles that we¬†really have no business fighting in the first place. We are¬†not The Great McGonigle (click here to see WC Fields Juggle)!

Life! Go live it! Don’t¬†juggle it. Trust in God, and hand your plate to Him.¬†Make life a lot lighter and enjoy¬†it more! Most of all, we must take care of ourselves and not be put last.

Juggling, struggling love to you!