To Hell And Back

By Mary Bortel

I’ve seen hell and that’s enough…

to turn my back and act real tough.

I’ve seen how it ends, and I’ve fought the fight.

Who’s to say what’s wrong or right?

Why hold on and continue to live?

I’d rather let go, I have nothing to give.

All hope is lost and there’s nothing to gain..

War destroys, steals, and causes pain.

It’s hard to live when I’ve been to hell and back;

to have so much… while others lack.

I see things different now, I wish you could too

I see the truth…now what about you?

No one really returns from war; for what we were,

we are no more. The battle continues long after we’re home

even though we have family, we’re always alone.

Our eyes do not see, there’s only a glare, through memories

of war, and endless fear.

So keep us in mind, and pray without end –

Perhaps God will bring us to safety… once again.

The end.