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One of my favorite motivational and inspirational speakers is Joel Osteen. Wow! This man leaves me feeling that good things are around the corner and waiting to happen in my life. He raises that blood of encouragement within me. He puts fire in my step, and hope in my heart. The way he speaks the Word of God truly is a gift. He’s such an amazing “Analogizer” (is that a word?) – using one analogy after the next. He always begins with a joke that is sure to make us laugh, and he loves to tell stories. Ultimately, he speaks God’s word and pierces our soul. God uses Joel to revive our lost hopes and dreams.

Lee and I record his shows and then watch them at night sometimes, before bed. Falling to sleep on a positive note is very soothing and reassuring. Earlier this week, Joel gave what I now call “The Great Analogy!” He shared how sometimes he’ll record a football game and watch it when he gets home. He knows how the game ends because he has talked to friends and watched the news. He doesn’t get discouraged or uptight if his team falls behind because he knows the finish. He’s at peace. He knows the outcome. The further his team falls behind the more excited he gets because it means a big comeback is on its way and he can’t wait to see what’s going to happen! He compared this to our life and God’s promise to bring us to a flourishing finish. God wants us to triumph.  No matter how far we fall behind, we already know the outcome. So, just as Joel does, watching back his football games, when his team is behind, we must also know that God has a great comeback in store for us. As Joel puts it, “He will not end on a negative!”

2nd Corinthians 2:14: “Thanks be to God, who unfailingly leads us on in Christ’s triumphal train…”

We are blessed with new beginnings! Joel’s message is right there with what I’m always saying. Never give up; persevere. When disappointments come and crisis afflicts us, we must press on! If we do our part, God will do His. Joel reminds of us:

Philippians 1-6 “…he who has begun the good work in you will carry it through to completion…”

As Joel says “God will bring you to a flourishing finish.” Know what your future holds!

I love, and can always use, words of encouragement. Although I may already know it, it’s re-affirming to hear the truth spoken by others. I was at a very low point in my life, another rut that I very well could have gotten stuck in, when I finally snapped out of it, launched the ME-gan Lifestyle and started living it so intently. Thank God I was raised with enough sense to know when enough is enough! Picking ourselves up and finding higher ground is no battle to be taken lightly, but it is a battle we are sure to win if we are committed. With God at our side, negative forces at bay, and the knowledge that our outcome will be nothing short of success – we are ready to begin!

ME-gan love and commitment to you!