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Recently Lee and I were talking and noted that for the past year our health care plan has been prayer and living The ME-gan Lifestyle. And as we thought about it and discussed it in length, it really did make sense that a deep spiritual life, blended with eating well and exercise is probably the most health assurance anyone will ever have. Sure, a basic health insurance plan is a good thing to have if something catastrophic were to happen, but unfortunately today, many people cannot even afford a basic plan, especially when they are unemployed. Therefore, learning to be self-sufficient seems to be the wise thing to do these days.

More and more, people around the globe are becoming ‘ME-gans’ without even realizing it by just making health conscious decisions, while many others are doing it intentionally, due to health reasons. Living off the earth is a great choice. A plant-based diet and exercise will keep our minds and bodies in premium condition. After all, why take chances and risks with our health, when living well and with a purpose can help us to prevent maladies?

Living the ME-gan lifestyle is perfect for these economic times. The price of everything is going up, employment is going down, the stock market is going down, gas prices are sky rocketing, and if you own a house, it’s probably worth less now than when you bought it!! It’s as if the force of destiny is speaking out in anger! Learning to plant seeds and become gardeners of our own food will certainly enable us to be self-sufficient, and is cost efficient. Not to mention the plethora of health benefits from fresh produce. It’s food for our soul when we get in tune with our mind, body and spirit as well as the earth, by gardening.

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It’s all about being in control of your life, as it is quite easy to see that not much else in this world is in our control, as discussed in my book, The ME-gan Lifestyle. Take control of your life, keep the negative people out who try to sabotage your will to succeed. Experience health, happiness, love, and God; become the best YOU that you can become. The YOU that God intended you to be!

The way we live our life speaks volumes to our mental and physical health and ability. Do we offer help to others? Do we donate our time (not only money)? Do we offer an ear to those who have no one to listen? Do we love this earth and have we tried to become ‘green,’ instead of making fun of those who do? What do we contribute to this world, and others, on a daily basis? What do we do to better ourselves each and every day that God so graciously gives to us?

About 2 years ago, a doctor asked my husband: “So what do you do about your high blood pressure?” Lee replied that he takes medicine. Then the doctor asked “What is your plan to come off of the medication?” Lee told the doctor that he did not have a plan, and that he was not aware there was an option. Now, can you imagine how many people there are in this world that are taking medication and have never discussed with their doctor a way to come off of it? Many people are not aware of such options. In Lee’s case, it was quite simple, but sometimes the ‘simple’ things in life are hidden from us. It’s not because we are dumb, but if we are not taught better, then we just do not know better. We put our faith into doctors and medication, when there is more. There is GOD, there are natural cures. But this is how this world is; we are not taught from a young age, as we should be, to take better care of ourselves and the importance of eating well and trusting in God. We are not taught how food heals, and all the natural goodness that a plant-based diet can provide. No, we are denied this knowledge until we seek it later on in life on our own. Lee needed to stop eating CRAP, and start eating healthy. There were no hidden secrets. He also needed to exercise and get oxygen into his blood. BYE-BYE high blood pressure medicine! The ME-gan Lifestyle changed Lee’s life, as it has also changed mine, and will change yours too. It’s more than just what we eat, and what we don’t eat, it’s about the way we live our lives. It’s a LIFESTYLE – not a diet. A positive outlook and helping others in their time of need does so much for our spirit. It lifts us up. Practicing positive deeds and positive thinking helps us to overcome stress and depression. We become happier and healthier all around. Add all these things together: eating well, exercise, positive outlook, charity, love for others, love for self, and love for God – and they equal one thing…a healthy and happy YOU!

In all reality, La forza del destino wants you to live life to its fullest and be the best you can be! Don’t allow poor choices to hold you down. It’s never too late for change. Live for today and be positive. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, so if it does come, be sure not to waste it!

ME-gan Love and God’s Peace to you!