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Wow…imagine, gluten is crapppp! Ya think? I’m glad she admitted it, and I bet many will take on her challenge of eating gluten free for a week. Click here to read this article from Access Hollywood on Miley Cyrus and her gluten and lactose allergy.

Gluten, it really is a protein we can all live without. Just think about all the (processed) foods that it can be found in. If you’re not familiar with gluten, what it is, or the foods that contain gluten, then I suggest you do some research. Pretty soon, you too will be saying “Bye-bye gluten!” Eat more salads! And if you get creative, you could probably eat a different salad every single day. Salad options are endless! Mother Nature offers a full array of wonderful, healthy & delicious foods, you won’t be missing out – trust me!

Ok Miley, what’s your address, I need to send you a copy of The ME-gan Lifestyle! You’ll be a perfect match! 🙂

One thing I can testify to is that when I stopped eating gluten, the benefits released like water from the flood gates. It really is an almost immediate response. And the longer you go without it, the more your body will detoxify from it and the better you will feel, both mentally and physically. Skin problems will subside, headaches and migraines, mood swings….oh, the list goes on. Losing weight is a bonus! But, you just need to try it for yourself. I say give it 30 good long days.

The ME-gan Lifestyle is about a healthier and happier YOU. Your body is talking, you really should listen! Take control of your life!

ME-gan Love – Embrace the change!