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Each day is filled with many and different challenges. We face them, tackle them, defeat them, and then move on to the next. If you have that conversation with yourself each morning (you know what I’m talking about too), you may talk yourself out of doing anything at all, so the only real option is to go after life and do what needs to be done. Don’t think twice about it.

Despite all the thorns, beauty still breaks through. Such is life!

Easy does not exist. Even eating right doesn’t seem to be enough these days. As I blogged about a few weeks back, perimenopause comes full force at us women and doesn’t care what we already do to take care of ourselves, it will still slap the weight right on us, mess with our hormones, mood and just about every piece of a woman’s being. Women – aren’t we lucky? The only way to tackle this little mid-life treat is to eat right and exercise. Eating right alone, without exercise, will not be enough. You can eat right till the cows come home, you’ll still gain weight.

But whether you’re a man or a woman, and whether you’re a woman experiencing perimenopause or not, exercise is the way to go! It’s a cure all – truly. Not only does it fight weight gain & lift your spirits, but it also helps manage your stress levels and promotes all around better health! 

Most things of importance in life are never easy to achieve. There’s always give and take. Maybe some times you give more than you take, and then again, maybe vice versa. It’s a cycle that goes round and round. A healthier, happier YOU takes dedication and hard work.

Perhaps you’re down, or have an ailment that you’re contending with. Maybe stress is prevalent in your life. Take some time out of your day and exercise, and see if you don’t feel better!

What say you?