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Did anyone get fooled yesterday? Or better yet…did you fool anyone yesterday? My answer is no to both; I believe it’s the first year that this has happened – I feel left out!

Well here we are, April 2, 2012, and it is Holy Week, then we have Passover beginning on Friday evening, I really love this time of year. It’s spiritual, and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. Blessings surround us each and every day, even though we may miss them – they are there!

So this is the big week where I repost some of my favorite blogs from the past year. April 6th, which is Good Friday, marks the one year anniversary of my blogging. It’s been an eventful year to say the least. It all started with Lee and I taking a (huge) leap of faith and allocating 100% of our time to completing my book, The ME-gan Lifestyle. It was a good move, as we got it done We were also able to get it published and printed, much later than expected, but it finally got done by the first of 2012. Lee and I have poured our hearts, souls, time and money into this book, and have become great at marketing! 🙂 It hasn’t been easy, and we have both learned much. Mistakes are there for learning, because if you don’t learn from them, you’ll just keep making the same mistakes over and over.  Now we are focusing on getting ME-gan into bookstores across the country, as well as other venues, i.e. health food stores, coffee shops and so on. Of course much of its success simply lies in the hand of God. What is meant to be, will be. I’m also counting on spreading the news by word of mouth, and by sharing reviews from those who have read it.

As many of you know, I am working on my cookbook now. I had hoped to get it completed by May of this  year, but that is not going to happen – LOL. There’s JUST TOO MUCH TO DO! I’m really trying to make this special, and not just another cookbook. As a matter of fact, maybe I won’t even call it a cookbook – who knows? I’ll have to make that decision in the near future. For now, I’m continuing on, and hoping for the best. Between the cookbook and getting ME-gan out there, I have my hands full! Don’t forget Lee is also working on his masterpiece, a book on the early days of Rock n’ Roll. He’ll be starting up his own blog pretty soon!

Also this past year, my son returned from Afghanistan, and after 4 long years in the U.S. Navy, he is finally out and has returned home to his baby son, Antonio James (see pictures of him below), and his beautiful wife, Virginia. Praise the Lord! God bless all our men and women fighting for our safety. Hurry home, be safe, GOD SPEED, and thank you, and your families, for your service and sacrifice!

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It’s been a rather eventful year to say the least. As the song from Search For Tomorrow says:

When tomorrow comes, what will it bring? Will it be winter, or will it be spring? Will a prayer be answered? Will the sun rise for you? Be it pleasure or sorrow, we’ll search for tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow. Click here to listen

So, as we search for tomorrow, let us all move forward and expect with complete faith that we will find health, happiness, love, trust, forgiveness, prosperity and much, much more! Keep your chin up and your hopes high! In the words of…well, not sure who exactly said this, but…here goes:


Loving you today AND tomorrow,


P.S. I hope you enjoy the reposts this week!