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The Dinner Bell rings out the sound that calls family and friends to the table. The ME-gan Lifestyle is all about taking control of your life and eating healthy for a lifetime of pleasure with those you love. Our friends, Sam & Phyllis, host an annual spring cook-out with an Easter theme and food galore! The star of the show is definitely the BBQ, but in addition there is a beautiful array of delicious dishes brought by the guests. There are always so many interesting people to meet and we never miss out on the fun.

Just because we are ME-gans (no meat, no seafood, no gluten, no dairy or egg), that doesn’t mean we don’t have a wonderful time with everyone. We never expect a host or others to accommodate our style of eating. That would be just plain rude and makes everyone uncomfortable..what a buzz kill. We take care of ourselves and plan ahead. Life is about family, friends, relationships and meeting new and different people.

Just as easy as it is to get into the habit of eating the same old unhealthy “fast food”, it is also easy to get stuck in a rut and only hang out with those who think and act the same as you do. How boring is that? After all, we learn from one another, so diversity is quite important. We ME-gans eat healthy so that we can not only enjoy life, but also enjoy the company of others, no matter what food they may choose to have on their dinner plate!

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As you can see by the beautiful photos of this gathering, there was definitely something from every food group! Besides, it always gives us a chance to see and smell the aroma of foods we used to eat and helps to reaffirm that we really don’t miss them anyway!

To the Easter Bunny and all the joy he is planning to bring next Sunday, more ME-gan Love to you!