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Just a short drive to North Scottsdale and I feel like I’m in another world. The houses are beautiful, and it certainly makes me dream of ‘one day!’ It’s a beautiful Saturday here in the Valley of the Sun, reaching into the 90’s already. While driving thru the city today, people were everywhere. The sidewalks were full, and the outdoor patios of restaurants were a buzz. Life is going on, and people are living!

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This is why I talk about being in shape, healthy and happy, so that we can get out into the world and  live life to its fullest. Otherwise, we truly do miss out. I find it so funny that people LOVE to go out and eat! It appears to be the great American past time. There’s nothing wrong with eating out, but my take on this is that we must make sure we are eating to live and not living to eat! There’s so much more to life than simply shoving food down our throats! 🙂

Tomorrow will be in the low 70’s, and it may very well be our last ‘cool’ air we feel in quite a while, here in Phoenix. I need to make sure we get the most of the day as possible! Maybe a trip to the lake, or a walk along a nature trail?  Boyce Thompson Arboretum (click here to visit) is absolutely beautiful, and if you ever come to visit Phoenix, I highly suggest you go here.  It’s nature in its most spectacular splendor! But not quite as pleasant when the weather gets too hot.

As the Italians so poetically say…E una bella vita! It’s a beautiful life! Go live it!

Living to love and loving to live!