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As previously mentioned in my blog titled “One Year Anniversary of Mary’s Blog is Coming Soon!” starting next week, on April 2nd, I will begin to repost some older, favorite, postings of mine as April 6th, 2012, marks the one year anniversary of this blog site!

My intent for The ME-gan Lifestyle blog at WordPress, was to inform my reader of what exactly The ME-gan Lifestyle is all about, and what it means to our health, happiness and spirituality. Although it is about changing the food we eat to only include the best that Mother Nature has provided us – gluten free, meat free, dairy and egg free, it’s also about finding yourself, the you that’s waiting to be released. It’s both a mental and physical change. It’s about taking control of your life, and knowing that it’s between God and you, no one else.

I’ve enjoyed writing, as writing truly is a blessing to me. I’m currently writing a cookbook as a complementary follow-up to The ME-gan Lifestyle. I know many of you have said you’re waiting patiently for it to arrive! Once this is complete, I move on to my first novel, which I’m very excited about! Actually, there are several books that I want to write, but unfortunately I can only do one at a time…so I MUST get busy!

On that note, I’m not sure that after April 6th if I will continue with this blog. Key words there are “not sure.” After all, how much more can I tell you about The ME-gan Lifestyle? I certainly hope that you have enjoyed my writing and that you have learned much. I also hope that if nothing else, you have at least walked away inspired. Additionally, I would like to say, if you have not read my book, then please do so. Even if you feel that you are not at that place in your life where you would like to change your eating habits, this book will still be a blessing to you in many other ways. It’s encouraging, uplifting and motivating. Full of inspiration and inspired by God! I truly hope that you will pick your copy up today. Click here and be on your way to a happier and healthier you!

I’m looking forward to next week as we look back together over the best blog posts of The ME-gan Lifestyle!

In the words of Carol Burnett (click here to listen), I’m so glad we had this time together!

ME-gan love,