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(No…this is not directed towards you! LOL! :))

When a nutritionist or a certified health nut is overweight, suffering from multiple symptoms, and can’t seem to stop gorging on bad food (we see this often, the person who has all the answers for others, but won’t adhere themselves), it clearly illustrates just how deep into food addiction this world really has slipped into.

The word addiction is often tossed around like lettuce on a salad bar. For example, “I’m addicted to ice cream,” or “I’m a choc-o-holic,” or how about “I just can’t get enough of it,” and “I was addicted from the moment I took my first bite,” etc.

But the point is, when someone consciously knows the food they are eating is bad for them, but still eats it anyway, these questions must be asked:

  1. Is this an emotional addiction?
  2. Is it a psychological addiction?
  3. Or could it be that there is an actual addicting chemical being added to our food?

I say it’s all of the above – but most importantly, yes…there are addicting chemicals in our food; this is nonewnews! We all know that food is frequently a substitute for lack of love. We also know that stress has a direct road leading to the refrigerator. Whatever the ‘void’ is that we are filling with these bad foods, needs to be addressed & replaced with goodness and a positive force of action. Like I’ve been saying lately in my past blogs, perhaps focusing on helping others will make our own stressors fade into the background.

Looking back at 70’s tv programming, one can see how slender people were back then. Just about everyone was! Doesn’t this raise the question of “what is different in our food(s) nowadays?” Something has definitely changed somewhere along the line within the past 40 years.  I certainly don’t have the answer, but I can guess that food additives play a huge role. Plus, just google this subject online and you’ll read all sorts of theories and claims.

Could it be the proliferation of “drive-thru” fast-food restaurants? Could it be the obsession we have with snacking around the clock? Could it be the bombardment of food commercials pushing us with endless temptation? Or again, could it simply be that there is something different actually being added to the restaurant and grocery store foods that we are consuming? What do you think the answer could be?

Sugar, for instance, is definitely food crack (and yet we shove it down our kid’s throats – as well as our own). Many books have been written on sugar addictions. I can attest to sugar addiction myself! I can go forever without sugar, but give me a small piece of cake, and I’ll be back for more the very next day. This is why I don’t have this kind of food in my house. If you know something is bad, you must stay away from it – it’s that simple. You can rationalize it until the cows come home, it won’t help – it will still be addicting. The only way these tempters cannot harm us is if and when we, ourselves, make the decision to avoid and eliminate them.

If it’s being done to us, does that mean we’re done for?  Not if we stand up and take control of what we choose to eat and not to eat. The answer will not be found on a tempting tv commercial, the clever ingredient label on a grocery shelf, or slick, enticing packaging. There is only one solution available and that is for you to be the gatekeeper for you and your loved ones for your own well-being.

So, to the fat and unhealthy health advocate I ask…”what are you waiting for? Get on the ball!”

Love, Mary