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When I feel tense, I like to go for a walk, ride a bike, or engage in some other form of exercise. A workout DVD in my own living room is always good. Exercise clears my mind and gives me that feeling of being empowered, motivated and inspired to keep on moving towards a happier and healthier ME! How about you? How do you clear your mind?

I don’t want limits, because there are no limits to what I can achieve, become or how great I can feel. I want every day to be better than the day before. What’s wrong with that? I love the rush of endorphins, and how great that God put such awesomeness into our body to release when we are doing an activity which enables us to flourish, such as: laughing (and actually, even crying), exercising, listening to soothing music, a healthy sex life, sunshine, etc. All these stimulate our brain with pleasure, thereby releasing endorphins. Endorphins have unprecedented healing powers. Valium or other muscle relaxers?  Pain pills? Or…releasing your endorphins? Now, THAT’S a no brainer!

You’ll look better, feel better, and your overall well-being will be enhanced when you bust your stress by endorphin overload. Start today, don’t delay, you’ll be glad in every way!

Last night we had Lee’s brother and fiancé over for dinner, and it was a very fun, relaxing, and ME-ganly delicious evening. I was releasing endorphins all day long with cleaning, cooking, listening to great music and simply enjoying every minute.

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It paid off because the mood was right and the food was perfect. What you put into your body is just as important as what you don’t put into your body, so choose wisely. Energize and maximize your ability to live life to its fullest. Surround yourself with the goodness of the Lord!

Endless endorphin love to you…