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Have you ever heard the song “Amazing Grace?” If not, I recommend listening to it (click here to hear a beautiful rendition by Rhema Marvanne.) What a powerful song with lyrics that are sure to lift you up and then place you on your knees praising God!

Looking back is always 20/20, but when we are in the middle of it we simply cannot see where we are headed. In the middle of what you ask? In the middle of everything in life! In the middle of turning into a young adult, in the middle of getting married, in the middle of starting a family, in the middle of raising teenagers, in the middle of becoming a grandparent, in the middle of an abusive relationship, in the middle of a divorce, in the middle of illness, in the middle of dying.

Do we ever stop and wonder why this is that we cannot see the future? There is always the obvious…God simply does not want us to see the future. But despite the obvious, I’ve been pondering this myself lately, and in the midst of climbing mountains, and living in the land of Gath, I have found my answer. See, when we are faced with mountains to climb, whether they be financial, family, health, etc. and when our ‘giants’ (as Max Lucado writes about in Facing Your Giants) come at us full force in the hopes to deliver us our demise, it’s not important that we see what lies ahead, what is imperative though is that we NOT lose sight of the past. Why the past? Simple, because when you look back on your past you will see that God has been there the entire time. You will recall those times in your life when you just didn’t think you’d make it through, or overcame the odds – yet you did. In looking back, you’ll clearly understand why things happened the way they did and the purpose of their terrible timing. The past is not there to dwell on; it’s there to learn from and to pull strength from.

When I look back on my life I can whole heartedly say that God has never let me down, nor did he abandon me. I wish I could say I had done the same for Him. I can face the future knowing that with God’s same perpetual divine guidance and continual presence in my life, that no matter what happens and how difficult & gloomy things may come across, it will always work out for the best! So why would we need to see the future when we can trust in God based upon His stellar past record?

Lee and I welcomed 2012 with open hearts (our wallets are empty, but our hearts are full! :)) wanting to help others by donating our time, love, and dedication to those in need. This has opened many doors for us, and has actually drastically changed both our lives and it’s only March! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring. Helping others has brought blessings upon our own lives and spirituality.

God’s grace, which is truly amazing, not only brings hope and love to our hearts, but also brings answers to our prayers in ways that the human mind would not and could not fathom. Trust in the Lord.

“Cast your care upon the Lord, and he will support you; never will he permit the just man to be disturbed.”  Psalms 55:23

Spreading the good news of The ME-gan Lifestyle is a tremendous job, and it would not be possible without my faith and love in the Lord. There are always ‘giants’ along any path in life, but when we focus on God, the giants go away. I hope if you had not had a chance to read my book yet, that you will pick one up today and be on your way to better health and happiness tomorrow! And when you do, perhaps you too will help spread the ME-gan love!

Grace and answered prayers to you!

Mary – Click here to pick up your copy of The ME-gan Lifestyle now!