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In a recent article I read, the 5 most common regrets people have when facing death are:

  1. Wishing they would have had the courage to live a life true to  themself, not the life others expected of them.
  2. Wishing they hadn’t worked so hard.
  3. Wishing they would have had the courage to express their feelings.
  4. Wishing they would have stayed in touch with their friends.
  5. Wishing that they would have allowed themselves to be happier.

It’s very sad that when the end of our world is near, it is only then that we face our regrets. I don’t necessarily believe in ‘living like we are dying,’ but perhaps we should ask ourselves on a regular basis if we need to change anything…you know, make some personal adjustments, JUST IN CASE tomorrow never comes.

Don’t wait for the end, when health starts failing, and regrets rush in, to start living life the way you really want to. If you’re not healthy, GET HEALTHY; if you’re not happy, GET HAPPY; if you’re not being loved or giving love, then FIND LOVE and give it in return; if you’re not living, START TO LIVE….NOW!

No regrets love to you all!