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When the holidays get here we all tend to gorge ourselves because we insistently rationalize why we should do so. We fool ourselves into believing that once the New Year arrives and the holidays have passed, that we will finally, once and for all get back on track. And sometimes we do until yet another opportunity comes along for us to get off track once again. It’s off then on, off then on. We get nowhere this way, and it’s a form of yo-yo dieting which is extremely bad on the heart. We go up in weight, then we lose weight, and the cycle continues – up and down, up and down. When will it end?

When a train gets on track it never expects and definitely does not want to get off track. Why would it? If it derails, then it crashes and burns. So for us to get on track, just to get off track for those special occasions is setting us up for a crash and burn too. But, for some reason we convince ourselves it’s ok and we continue on this path of ruin.

The economy is not that great at the moment and my guess is that most people don’t have money for frivolous spending or simply throwing it away on trinkets. Who then wants to invest money they really don’t have into a local gym membership, another weight loss program, hypnosis, etc., when we have the ability to get healthier, lose weight and be happy all on our own? I would imagine not most.

If you feel you have the desire, but can’t break out of the cycle of ‘tomorrow,’ and if you are tired of throwing your money away for temporary (if any) results, then I suggest reading a copy of my book, The ME-gan Lifestyle. I’m sure it will motivate you and inspire you in ways you can’t imagine. I was able to find happiness and health again and I am excited to share it all with you. Your success brings me much happiness.

You’re no. 1, and if you embrace change today, right now, you will achieve a healthier and happier you tomorrow. Without change, you’ll get no change.

There’s always tomorrow, right? Wrong! There’s not always tomorrow, so therefore you should not put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

Get on the right track for a lifetime and embrace The ME-gan Lifestyle!