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Lemons, lemons and MORE lemons! Lee and I have decided that we are going to make LIMONCELLO! And just about the time that Lent is over, it should be ready for enjoyment! I will keep you posted on the makings of it – it should be quite fun! We like trying new things.

We have so many lemons and we really hate to waste them, but there’s too many for us to use and we can’t give them away fast enough. Tomorrow is big trash day in our neighborhood, so everyone is out cleaning their yard and loading up their curb. One of the neighbors cut a huge tree down in his front yard, he and another neighbor have been working on it for two days. I hated to see the old tree go. It’s all laid out on his curb now, waiting to be picked up by the trashman. We also took advantage of this big trash day. Both yesterday and today we have been doing all sorts of yard work, bush and tree trimmings and even cleaning out the garage; anything we can find just to load that curb with JUNK and TRASH. Today we worked on the lemon tree, but we’re not done yet – there’s a lot more to go.

Lee got on the roof to trim the high parts and shake as many lemons as he could to the ground. I took pictures of all this, it’s just amazing. Even some of the neighbors came over and took home a bag full, but there’s still more than I can count! I still only have a hand juicer, so this should be interesting as to how we will squeeze ALL the lemons we have picked thus far! Good hand exercise, that’s for sure! 🙂 Picking up all those lemons that were on the ground was not easy on the old back and knees. I’m sure we’ll feel it tomorrow when we can’t get out of bed – LOL!

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Sunday should be a day of church and leisure. Lee and I we truly LOVE working around the yard and find it soothing. We hook up sirius radio and listen to great music while working! What a fun way also to take advantage of this beautiful weather that we are having, and a great workout too! It will be much too hot to do yard work soon, so we are very thankful! I’m sure other parts of the country are freezing right now – sorry 😦

Tomorrow I will be writing about MEN’S HEALTH, be sure and come back!

Lemony love!