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Just kidding! I don’t have 10 rules for permanent weight and fat loss. I have to laugh when I read articles that insist there are 10 (or pick any number) of ‘rules’ to losing weight. Really?

I can think of  maybe one, if you want to call it a ‘rule’ and that would be to control your caloric intake. Not even fat grams, as much as CALORIC INTAKE. That’s right, that is exactly what I have found to be a sure-fire way to lose weight – it’s all about caloric intake. Some articles say that you need plenty of rest, lots and lots of water, fresh air, digestive aids, don’t drink while eating, or to even chew your food ‘x’ number of times before swallowing, etc. Speaking from experience getting rest and drinking lots of water don’t do a DAGGONE thing for losing weight, especially when you’re hording away those calories. These things, however, along with exercise are all good, common sense steps that we should incorporate into our daily regimen!

We all hear “exercise more,” and my advice to that is – yes, do it, but perhaps adopt the ‘buddy’ system. Remember when we were kids, it was so much fun to go out and play for HOURS with our friends, then we hit adulthood and we stopped! Now we just sit behind a computer all day or behind a car wheel. Let’s enjoy the outdoors and being healthy…two by two!

I guess the fact that so many people buy into all this ‘weight loss rules’ crap shows there is a clear desperation out there to find the secret to weight loss. Unfortunately, that ‘one secret’ that we all just KNOW is out there somewhere, you know…the one where we can “eat all we want and still lose weight,” simply does NOT exist! Ooooh if we only had a genie in a bottle, a wishing well, or a magic pill, all our problems would be over, right? Wrong!

Problems don’t and won’t go away until you make a change; but trade in the negative for the positive, and much, much, much will go away! Permanent change and long-term success will only come with a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change sounds so obvious, so simple, and as easy as 1,2,3, yet millions of people struggle with it. Why? Why do people want something for nothing? That’s a lazy attitude. Are American’s being taught this mentality?

I have come to learn, all on my own, that when we realize that there is no easy way to success, maybe then and only then will we begin to look inside ourselves and challenge our very own lifestyle. If we would all just stop focusing on ‘losing weight and fat,’ and focus on getting ‘healthy,’ naturally, then the fat will fall off anyway! The way to do this is by eating healthier. Our body is a temple and should be treated as one. What we do and do not put into our body, truly does make the difference. You are the Gatekeeper, no one else!

The ME-gan Lifestyle teaches self-empowerment, being in control of your life, your world and your body! It teaches that we have within our own reach what it takes to lose weight, keep it off, get healthy and happy and be in control! We cannot control much in this world, if we could I’m sure a lot would get changed for the better, but the truth is we cannot. But we can control what goes into our body, who we associate with, who we let into our circle of friends, circle of trust and circle of success! Now we’re COOKIN’ ME-gan Style!

For those of us who want better health and a better life, let’s get busy!

Change is fantastic! Embrace the ME-gan Lifestyle! Love,