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Thank God for options! We all have more options than we realize. Sometimes we are made to believe just the opposite and that our options are limited when it comes to anything from health care, job opportunities, where we live, who we date, who we marry, what we eat and drink, who we associate with, and more. But it’s simply not true! Options are endless, and we should have the final say so when it comes to our life and our own little world. Never just “settle“; and unless you feel good about a final decision, then keep on searching until you find what works best for you – you’ll know when it’s right.

Let’s talk about our health. For instance, medications, diet plans, treatments, surgeries, etc., are not our only options for achieving better health. There are many natural options that are available to us that offer us healing and ultimate health & happiness too, without suffering from side effects – short or long, and actually cure not just mask. Explore your options, they are out there!

You know, it just flabbergasts me that people even do drugs and drink excessively. I mean, c’mon…let’s all face it, life is hard and just trying to survive living ‘clean’ is difficult enough. We have to deal with pollution and chemicals in our food, crazy people, road rage and so on. A person has to be out of their mind to play suicide with their life by taking drugs and other harmful, distructive substances that will surely disable and/or kill them (and who are obviously not thinking about their loved ones at all) and STILL expect to live. Poor Whitney Houston, God love her and I hope she rests in peace in Heaven. I love her music and love her movie “The Bodyguard,” but it’s not a shock to me that she’s gone. How much can a heart and body take? Seriously? The only thing that surprises me is how she has survived this long.

This is me screaming…”PEOPLE! Our bodies cannot tolerate this abuse. It has to end! Drugs are bad; DO NOT DO DRUGS!” If any of us know someone who is killing themselves on drugs & alcohol, or simply living a destructive lifestyle, PLEASE take the risk of getting them upset with you and do the right thing…intercede, speak-up, take action! Besides, they’ll come around and see the light eventually, and then will end up thanking you for caring. On the other hand, if you do absolutely nothing, then you are an enabler or even worse, a co-conspirator. Don’t be mad…just stating the facts.

Our best bet to avoid poor health in the first place is to fully comprehend that our specific actions, and lack of actions, have consequences! Both can be severe and not what we want or expect, or could be amazing and just what we were hoping for. The good news is that we can determine on our own & all by ourselves, what actions, or lack thereof, warrant what consequences – right? For example, eating 5000 calories a day, getting no exercise, smoking heavily and excessively drinking alcohol will cause:

  • A) Weight loss
  • B) Better health
  • C) Overall health, happiness & success
  • D) Glowing skin and white teeth
  • E) Think again, none of the above

See my point? My gosh, if we don’t know the answer to the above question, then shame on us! What I’m saying is that we know the right thing to do, we just need to start doing it.

Sometimes feeling better, both mentally and spiritually, is not that far away. It only takes us going after it. The same principle applies to all aspects of life. If you want something, you have to go get it. Sitting around all day wishin’ and hopin’ doesn’t do it. We can’t expect others to live our lives, achieve our goals, reach success or find better health and happiness for us, can we? And if we haven’t learned by now that if we want something done (and done right) then we must do it ourselves, then when will we learn? I’m afraid…never. Get to know your options and start living your best life now!

Live, Love, and Love others!