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Lee and I began 2012 wanting to help others, so I would like to update you on our progress thus far. I’ve always been told, and firmly believe, that a good way to make your own problems disappear is to help others with their problems. Once you begin to do this, you will notice that your problems may not seem so big anymore, and actually quite insignificant.

Giving money is one way to help those in need, and yet as important as monetary offering is, my spirit leads me to believe that donating time is even more important. It’s a simple decision for Lee & I, because we are not in a position to donate money; time and prayers are what we have to offer at the moment and that is what we are doing.

We both agree that when the opportunity arises, we would like to go on a full-blown mission, right here in the United States, dedicating 100% of our time and energy to help those less fortunate. God knows we have enough need in our own country without having to travel outside the US. However, the time for us to do this has not yet come. Fortunately though, we have been able to start helping out in our community, beginning with our very own neighbors. Delivering a meal to a family in need may seem minute, but actually lends a helping hand more than one may imagine. The options for us to assist those in need are endless, even making a trip to the grocery store for someone who cannot drive, or who are unable to get there due to illness, is an immense act of charity.

Matthew 25:35-40

We are finding that we do not have to look far to find an individual or a family in need. We have also offered our prayers for too many to count. My goodness, everyone needs prayers today and needless to say, our prayer list gets longer every day! Taking the time to pray for someone is of great value and importance, and reaches far beyond any other means of help. FAITH goes a long way. We have also expanded our offering of time to the elderly. Nursing homes are always open to volunteers to help walk patients, push them around in their wheel chairs, and more importantly, simply talk or listen to them. Loneliness is something I would not wish on anyone, so I feel we made a good choice with this one.

I guess what I hear the Lord saying to us is that thinking only of ourselves, whether it be in an egotistical way or a pitiful way, are both wrong. We should never think only of ourselves. Time well spent is helping those who need us; those who cannot possibly help themselves.

God bless.