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The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is reporting that 90% of Americans consume too much salt. Anything more than 1 tsp. a day, or 2300 mg, is too much. The report goes on to say that the average person consumes 3300 mg of salt per day.

We all know that salt is a major contributor to high blood pressure, so for people like me who have extremely low blood pressure, salt can actually be helpful. Before I changed my eating habits I would struggle with episodes of low blood pressure and low blood sugar. I was just so out of whack. For those of us who deal with both low blood pressure & low blood sugar, we know that the symptoms are the same (it’s a ‘double whammy’); weakness, fatigue, dizziness, shaking, brain fog, headache, etc. I actually had a doctor once tell me to eat a bowl of ‘Oodles of Noodles Soup’ each morning and it would regulate my blood pressure for the day, due to its high salt content (Sad but true, ironically, a bowl of ‘Oodles of Noodles Soup’ was the last thing my dad ate the night he died; he had suffered from high blood pressure most of his adult life.) But I also battled with low blood sugar, so if I didn’t eat every 3 hours or so, I’d get symptoms again. I was caught in an insane, unhealthy, body tornado.

To go a bit further, adding fuel to the fire, my potassium levels were extremely low. That explained my leg cramping throughout the night. My doctor knew ALL of these things about me and never once did anything about it. Telling me to “just eat salt when I get low blood pressure, eat food when I get low blood sugar, and eat bananas and other foods that offer potassium,” was only putting a Band-Aid on the situation and not a cure. And all these ‘things’ ARE curable!

WOW…looking back I realize how poor that advice was that was given to me. First of all, salt depletes potassium! DUH…I discovered that through my own research. No wonder it was low – I ate a lot of salt! And eating every 2 or 3 hours is truly not normal. I mean if you are hungry, by all means EAT, but a person should not be getting the ‘SHAKES’ that soon. This was no more than a vicious cycle that needed to be dealt with and the best way for that to have happened was by me taking control of my own mind and body, in other words…my world. I learned more on my own through reading, research and listening to my body talk than any doctor ever even tried to teach me.

In order to break the cycle of low blood sugar, low blood pressure and low potassium I needed to re-set my body. I needed to STOP what I was doing, detox completely, and then start eating right….you know…lay off the sugar and starchy carbs…..well hey, I don’t have to tell anyone what eating ‘right’ is.

What changed my life and health was getting rid of unnecessary stress, and eating ME-gan style. Unfortunately I had to learn this on my own through trials and tribulations, but I guess nothing’s wrong with that. I know now that doctors don’t have all the answers and I was too dependent on them. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, but I am my own best doctor! I can only share what worked for me, and if it helps anyone out with their life and health, then great!

The CDC says that the biggest ‘food’ offenders of ‘high salt’ are:

  • Bread and rolls (not so much because they are high in salt but because people tend to eat more of them)
  • Cold cuts
  • Pizza
  • Poultry

Now how the CDC gets their information, I truly do not know. Just a couple of weeks ago I  read that the daily allowance for salt was 2400, so go figure. Nothing is ever set in stone, and just when we think we know the rules of the game, things go and get changed on us. Rely on no one, only yourself.

This week I am going to focus on salt measures in the foods I eat, per serving, to figure out how much salt I’m consuming a day. I will do this without adding salt to any of my food, only the salt that is in the food already. The good thing is, the beautiful, nutritious & delicious foods given to us by God do not have salt: fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains…etc. So, if I stay away from any processed food (in other words, crap), I should be doing pretty good.

Diet is a big start to a healthier you, but exercise is also required. Together they are your best defense for a happy, healthy you. Don’t be afraid of change and just try to look at things this way:

“Prove that the impossible is really not impossible at all; and that you have the power within to accomplish it! Change is deep inside you waiting to be empowered!”

Whether your “impossible” is losing 300 lbs. or 70 lbs.; whether it be running 1 mile a day; whether it be conquering illness and disease; just know that YOU CAN DO IT! Add in faith – “with God, all things are possible!” 

Most importantly, without change, nothing will change – it’s that simple. The ME-gan Lifestyle teaches to embrace change – you can do it, stop the insanity!

ME-gan Love,