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The grocery stores are stocked and full of displays, in preparation for the big Superbowl weekend! For those of you who will be hosting a Superbowl party at your house, don’t forget to load up on Ranch & Blue Cheese dressings for those chicken wings and pizzas! Oooh…and how about chips? Everybody needs chips…get a variation; and of course there’s nothing like a fresh hot platter of nacho chips with tons of cheese dripping from them and perhaps topped with meat, more cheese and some sour cream & salsa!

NOT ME! No thank you………..Hold it right there please. LOL! 🙂

Let’s ME-gan it up a bit!  Perhaps a fresh salad bar – fresh mixed greens with herbs and seasonings. Toppings such as: mini corn,  peas, red kidney beans, red onions, radish, beets, hearts of palm, almonds, sunflower seeds, and more! You can whip up your own fresh & flavorful citrus and spice infused vinaigrette (get creative!), or simply put out olive oil and balsamic vinegar – you can’t go wrong with this pair!

How about some ME-gan potato salad, I posted on that the other day, very simple yet delicious. Vegetarian baked beans go well with potato salad, so be sure and set those out too. For snacking, the options are endless, set out a beautiful bowl of fresh, ready to eat fruit. Go nuts and set out walnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews, etc. A platter of pickles, olives & peppers are always nice. This past Sunday at the farmers’ market I found some really addictingly delicious spicy pickles. The company, I believe, is called Pickled Perfection and they make different varieties and flavors of pickled veggies. These Spicy Pickles are my favorite. Click here to see their website. A platter of pickled veggies is perfect for a Superbowl party, or any party for that matter. You’ll be surprised at how your guests will go at this food.

Of course you can’t forget to serve my kid approved ME-gan tacos, my lip smack’n ME-gan pizza, my homemade kick’n salsa, and my guacamole – Mmm!! These scream “SUPERBOWL!” You’ll find all these recipes and more in my book – The ME-gan Lifestyle.

This is the food that people think about, but rarely buy or prepare for themselves, but if it’s there they’ll eat it (go figure). Be the HOSTESS with the MOSTESS and spread the ME-gan Love!

I will be back on Tuesday, and wish you the very best! Have a SUPER Superbowl Sunday! Go ……. (fill in the blank with your favorite team)!!

Click here to see some footage of some of my family members playing a game of football on Thanksgiving Day, 2011. It is sure to get you in the mood for Superbowl Sunday! 

Fun love,