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Kale has always been my favorite green. I’ve loved it since I was a kid. Click here to read up on Kale, it’s full of nutrition, its health benefits are truly amazing, and its flavor is incredible!

I grew up eating Kale the way my mom cooked it which was boiled with potatoes, mixed with olive oil and salt. This was good, and I truly loved when we were served Kale. I didn’t really learn until later years that there are other ways of cooking Kale. Kale can be steamed, sautéed, and eaten raw.

Last night I wanted to finish up the last of the vegetables from last week’s farmers’ market since we had just went that morning to buy new and fresh veggies for the upcoming week. I had a bunch of Kale, some golden beet greens, carrots and onions left over. My mind went to work and my creative juices began to flow.

My son-in-law once cooked the best Kale I’ve ever had; it truly was amazing – the flavors went crazy in my mouth. But I must say, what I made last night may have surpassed Gerald’s kale…sorry G!

I cut up the rest of my leftover baby carrots, along with remaining I’itoi Onions and sautéed them in olive oil over medium heat. I added in the beet greens and continued to sauté for a few minutes. Meanwhile in a blender I mixed 1 can of whole tomatoes, 3 garlic cloves and one small onion. Then I added the kale to the sauté, added salt and some of my new lavender pepper – which I just LOVE.  After a couple minutes, I poured the blended mixture on top, mixed well and then cooked for about another 10 minutes.  

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Let me just say, this may sound simple, but it tasted so good it could have won a ‘best cooked kale’ contest!

To go with,  I made a ME-ganly delicious potato salad which consisted of boiled potatoes, vegenaise, Dijon mustard, salt, a dash of turmeric, bread and butter pickles, pickle juice, and onion.  Again, simple, but out of this world!

Another sensational ME-gan meal that I wish we could have shared in the delight together!

I hope you too will be inspired to experiment with all these wonderful, nutritious and delicious foods in your kitchen.

ME-ganly delicious love,