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They Told Him Don’t You Ever Come Around Here, Don’t Wanna See Your Face, You Better Disappear, The Fire’s In Their Eyes And Their Words Are Really Clear, So Beat It, Just Beat It

I can tell some’ people over and over again to JUST BEAT IT, but they refuse to listen. MAYBE they’ll listen if I change the spelling and say “JUST BEET IT.” Ya think?

Beets (Click here to read more about “Beets” or check out Livestrong.com’s site to read more about beets), are not only delicious and pretty, but do supply great health benefits to our overall well-being.

I told you that I would post pictures of dishes we made from our run to the farmers’ market on Sunday, and we’ve already made two very unique (both in flavor & taste) meals, which also supply health and nutrition. One of these meals we made today which is simply – roasted beats. The other dish I’m holding out for my cookbook! (oooh…. luring you into buying my cookbook…what sneaky tactics…shame! shame!) But, nonetheless…as promised, I have pictures!

But let me tell you, as simple as “roasted beets” may sound, and be, there is no simplicity to their taste, flavor & nutritional benefit. Let me describe the steps I took in roasting my fresh beets. Let me say, first and foremost, that my daughter Natalie, who works at a Marriott resort, suggested that I ‘roast’ the beets instead of boiling or steaming them. She is an AWESOME chef who one day will be a leader in the industry! Following Natalie’s instructions, I poured olive oil into a small pan (I used a round cake pan), then I trimmed the beats, washed off all dirt, placed them in the pan and then seasoned them with Italian seasoning, garlic powder, thyme and my new lavender pepper. I baked them at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, and that was it! You can peel the skin before eating, or as I have found out…eat them with the skin on! I found the roasted skin to be DE-LISH, just as I eat the skin on my baked potato. But I’m sure some will prefer it on, as others will prefer it without. You choose, because YOU are in control of YOUR LIFE!

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Early this morning, before getting out of bed, (as most mornings,  Lee and I like to watch a little early morning news before moving into the business world), one of the commercials airing was about this new ‘diet’ plan that delivers meals to your home. This is no new concept, but just another ‘PLAN.’  This 60 second commercial truly struck a 10 minute conversation with us. We both just find it amazing that some people are so lost, so far gone and so desperate that they will hire someone to tell them when to eat and what to eat; they will pay to have the pre-packaged meals delivered to them. These ‘purveyors of poor health‘ & ‘masters at enabling‘ fail to tell you  (the buyer) that they are truly making money off of your laziness and lack of self-motivation. They have eagle-eyed a market that will never change and have honed in on it. Genius? Not really… just obvious.

The point of this being not our observation of the ‘obvious,’ but rather the sadness of the entire situation. We all have our own trials and tribulations to deal with, without enablers coming along and sabotaging our “slight to none” chance of succeeding in our strive for self-help. And that’s all these ‘diet plans’ are doing, they are enabling overeaters to continue on their road to self-ruin.  We need to teach people to get out and research food, heath, nutrition, etc. on their own.  Get out into the world, shop for your own food, buy your own food, clean and prepare your own food. Be responsible for what you eat, and be responsible for your own condition! Take ownership of your situation and depend on no one but yourself to get YOU out of your unhealthy situation.

I actually know someone, near and dear to me, who confided in me that one time they were so desperate they bought into one of these meal plans that deliver meals to your home. They had purchased 1 month of food up front, and literally ate it in one week. OOOOOPS! Do these commercials raise that issue to you? Do they advise that if you eat your months’ supply of food in one week, you are on your own and will need to buy more? And that sought after results may not be met? See what I’m saying? No plan, no gimmick, no NOTHING prevents you from eating as much as you want as often as you want. And ‘THEY’ certainly don’t care, as long as “THEY” get their money…HONEY!

Your health, both mental and physical, relies on YOU and only YOU. Take control of your life and commit to CHANGE. The ME-gan Lifestyle is not about ME ME ME, it’s about YOU YOU YOU!

You are the most important thing in your life. Without you your loved ones will be left alone. Your spouse, children, grandchildren, etc., will have to learn to cope without you. Make the most important decision you’ve ever made in your life, and that is to put your health first, and let The ME-gan Lifestyle lead the way. Purchase your copy today, click here and be on your way to health and happiness in a matter of days!

We all deserve the best in life. God did not put us on this earth to waste away, but rather to shine and flourish. With this said, I wish you all the best, and if I can help in just the least, then I have achieved my goal.

Beeting my love into your hearts….