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When it comes to eating, I must say I am the epitome of IL CAFONE! A “Cafone” is someone, as I like to put it…who eats with a fork in one hand and a piece of bread in the other! In other words…an ill-mannered person.  Hey…Italian eating at its best. What can I say?

Growing up I ate everything that way, soups, sauces, pastas, beans… I loved dipping my bread into my food. I LOVE food so much that when I eat I make sure I turn it into a relationship…thus the true passion of IL CAFONE!

The beauty of being a ME-gan is that we, for the most part, buy our own food, cook our own food and then sit down to the table to enjoy it. So why not dig in and enjoy the delicious food that we have been so graciously blessed with?

I’ve been buried with putting my ME-gan cookbook together (which I haven’t titled yet), but I’m looking forward to bringing it to fruition and I’m hoping you’ll all enjoy it! I never really thought much about cookbooks before, just kind of took them for granted, but I must say I have a new-found respect for them. Whew! They are not easy.

2012 has started off busier than ever, and trying to keep up with it all and staying on top of others is enough to make a person tired. As I always say, “success isn’t easy and certainly doesn’t come free.” And if there’s one sure way to get over the broke, busted and disgusted part of life it is much like IL CAFONE…you just have to dig in with your own two bare hands, get a little dirty and make it happen!

True Love,